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    Marcus eyed the red and white sphere that he held firmly in his hands with a mixture of joy and agitation. The metal felt cool to the touch and almost screamed for the button in the center to be pressed and to release the Pokemon so the two could have a proper greeting before leaving Littleroot. However, Marcus was worried of what the Pokemon might think of him. Would it think negatively of me?

    That thought kept repeating in his mind as he leaned against one of the trees at the edge of the town, his eyes traveling from the ball to the largest building inside the small town -- the lab -- as he replayed the memory in his mind, trying to wrap his mind around having actually recieved a starter Pokemon.

    "What a small town," Marcus stated to himself, "Only a few houses and Birch's lab." He knew it was small because by the time the words had left his mouth he found himself at the lab's entrance, its steel doors almost too intimidating to even dare open. Almost.

    "Hello," A well built man had greeted, his appearance a mixture between well groomed and unkempt as his white lab coat almost seemed out of place over his casual clothes. "Are you one of the many kids that I am to give a Pokemon too?" The question had been so direct, yet it was said in a warm way that Marcus had believed uncapable of being associated with such a question. Marcus had only nodded and shared his name before the man had disappeared, reappearing a minute later with a handful of items.

    "What are you holding?"

    "Every beginning trainer's tools of the trade." He answered, quickly grabbing a pokeball from the jumbled mess of items and gesturing for Marcus to take it. "That is your Spheal, your very first Pokemon!" He beamed.

    Marcus couldn't explain the feeling of holding the device for the first time, it was as if it felt foriegn to him, yet right at the same time. All he could do was say, "Thanks," and let Birch continue with what he wanted to say.

    "Here are five more pokeballs, each of them empty of course, and a Pokedex which you'll soon reailze to be your best tool once you start your journey!" Once the words had left his mouth, the handful of items had been shifted to Marcus leaving him stunned as he struggled to pocket the five empty pokeballs and the red rectangular device without dropping any of it.

    After that, Marcus had left and found himself where he currently rested. His mind beginning to realize that he was going to have to face his Pokemon sooner or later, and it was always better to do it sooner. He didn't want to be in desperate need of his Pokemon's assistance and still be a stranger to it. Taking a deep breath, whether to relieve his nervousness or to dispell doubt as he stood up, he slowly inched his finger towards the release button. His index danced around it, almost to the point that he was beginning to think he had been missing it the whole time. Until he heard the definite click as the Pokemon was released in a white flash that had blinded his untrained eyes.

    Once vision returned to him he could make out the small circular form of a blue Pokemon, its round body matching the black beady eyes that looked at him with curiosity. Marcus was sure that if it had a neck to do so, it would be turned to the side as if he were a dog observing its master in worry. "Uh... hi," Marcus stated weakly, unsure of how to actually become fast friends with a creature he was supposed to make fight all his battles for him. The creature, however, lit up at his words, as if they were what it had been waiting for. The sight of its round body opening to a wide smile pleased him, easing his worries to the point that they almost didn't exist. "Well aren't you an easily excitable one."

    "Spheal," The creature stated in response, its voice jubilant.

    "Well that's a good sign. Say, can you keep up? I would like to make it to an area even remotely around where everyone else would be at this point. I don't want to be last." Marcus reasoned, more to himself than to the Pokemon which only nodded as it rolled into the route, eager to begin. Something which Marcus had to admit an agreement to. The two had strolled upon the route peacefully, Marcus enjoying the silence and tranquility while his Spheal just enjoyed the luxury of being out of its containment as it rolled circles around his feet. Marcus had been running a hand through his unkempt black hair when something had suddenly whipped past his head, missing him by a mere inch as his green eyes had only caught a brown and white blur.

    "Spheal!" Marcus exclaimed, slightly worried that his Pokemon would be hit by the fast moving opponent. The creature rolled to his front as it looked around, intending to protect his trainer and make a good first impression of his battling skills. "Use... uh ****." Marcus breathed, realizing that he hadn't familiarized himself with any of Spheal's attacks. Quickly rummaging through his pocket he had quickly produced his Pokedex and was busy trying to figure out how to work it when it had suddenly spoke in an electronic voice.

    "Pidgey, it is a docile creature, perferring to avoid conflict, however, if disturbed, it can ferociously strike back."

    "Okay, that solves the what, but not the where," Marcus stated as he glanced around, trying his best to find his attacker. Successful in spotting the creature watching him from a branch in a tree that stood proudly before him, he knew he was in trouble if he didn't act quick. The creature's brown and white feathers looked neatly groomed, its eyes narrowed as it small but agile wings had readied for another flight. As well as another attack. Luckily, at the same moment the pidgey took off from the tree, Marcus had stumbled upon the page for his Pokemon's move set and called out the first one that struck him as capable of dealing damage.

    "Powder Snow!" Marcus yelled, his choice proving to be good as his Spheal opened its mouth and released what could only be described as a small, controlled snow storm that had hit Pidgey, causing it to veer out of the attacks way, its body shaking for a second or two to knock off the snow before it dove at Spheal, its position putting Spheal at a disadvantage as it couldn't do anything to prevent the attack. Marcus left with no option but to grit his teeth as his Pokemon rolled on the ground from being struck by the attack, finally stopping with a dazed expression on its face.

    "Spheal are you alright?" Marcus asked, relieved to recieve a small nod. "Good, lets use... uh, Water Gun!" The Pidgey had been coming in for another attack once the command had been issued, but thankfully Spheal had been able to land the jet of water it spit at the bird Pokemon. The force of the attack sending it into a tree, which Marcus had hoped would defeat it, but it only seemed to make it madder as it struggled to its feet.

    "This thing must either hate us, or just wants to win really badly." Marcus commented, earning a small squeak that he took to be Spheal in agreement. "Well whate- what the hell was that?" Marcus questioned aloud after witnessing the Pdigey become surrounded in white light as it tackled Spheal, causing it once again to roll around on the ground. What had caught his eye, however, was the speed of the attack. "Must know quick attack." Marcus reasoned, his mind trying to think a way out of it, but his heart kept giving him attacks to issue.

    "Powder Snow once more!" Marcus exclaimed, deciding to listen to his heart as it had come up with an idea first. The Spheal had stopped rolling upon the ground, to fire a bit of snow at its target, only to miss and roll upon the ground to position itself for the next attack. However, after a few minutes he knew Spheal was getting tired, and with not a single attack landing he needed to think of a plan. Pidgey, however, already had as it flapped its wings close to the ground, causing snad to fly into Spheal's exposed face, leaving it to roll around the ground with a pained expression.

    "Pid, Pidgey!" The bird Pokemon squaked, its cries seemingly of victory. The worst part of all, if Marcus didn't think soon, his first ever battle would in fact end the way the Pidgey assumed. With another loud cry, the Pidgey once again dove at Spheal, its eyes narrowed with determination.

    "Defense Curl!" Marcus exclaimed in panic, issuing the first attack he could think of working with Spheal's accurracy lowered. Spheal having heard him, quickly tucked its body into a neat little ball right as the Pidgey impacted it, sending it flying towards the nearby tree. What happened next, Marcus would never get anyone to believe. Spheal, still in its neat ball, bounced off of the tree, and hit the Pidgey as it flew in the direction Spheal had been sent, effectively knocking it to the ground.

    "Holy, ****ing, ****." Marcus breathed, unable to believe his luck as he watched the Pidgey once again struggle to its feet. "This is going to get bad for me if I don't get this thing to stop attacking, and seeing how fast it is I only have one choice," Marcus stated to himself as he readied one of the empty pokeball's from his pocket. Hoping to god he wouldn't miss the Pokemon before it could spare the energy to avoid the ball, he tossed it. Praying to god as it impacted the Pidgey and sucked it inside that it would end in a way he could find satisfying.
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