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I cocked my head, wondering how she could question my confidence. "I'll show you confidence!" I said hotly, "I'm confident enough for the whole family and I'll prove it by taking out all of the thieves!" I crossed my arms and gave a taunting face while sticking my tongue out, "I bet you think you can tell me what to do too, since you're and adept? Well I'm a coin to Nyah!" I ran away laughing maniacly, "I'll capture them all and rub your face in it!" I yelled.

The first thing I did was return home and get my dog, "Hey, get up!" I poked him until his eyes opened. "We have to find some criminals!" The dog stretched then wagged his tail as I pet him on his head. "Master I'm going hunting!"

A delayed mumble shouted from upstairs, "Go on then! I'm trying to sleep."

"Okay bye!" I ran out laughing, "Where should we look first?" The dog stood there wagging his tail as usual, "Yeah you're right, I think we should sit and think it over." We walked to my usual cafe and sat at a table. "Can I get a coffe?"

The waitress sighed, "Last time we got you coffe you broke seven plates, a table, two chairs, and an old man's back. We have specific orders to never give you coffe again." She was very stern about it, and didn't look like she could be convinced. "Why don't I just get you warm Cocoa and a bowl of milk?"

"Okay!" The waitress walked away toward the manager who was watching from his office, his face red. "Hey doggie! Any ideas now that we are sitting?" The dog rolled on his back panting, "Okay, now I get it! We should wait here until I come up with the plan! You have great ideas dog." I wrote on the children's menu they handed out, "So we have twelve baddies, with no cards. They would be traveling in a group." The dog barked happily as the waitress placed a bowl of milk down, "No wait! They would be split up, so it would be harder to catch them yes. Thank you kind waitress!" The waitress asked if she needed anything else, "Coffe?" She shook her head no, "Well I'll take a pancake if that is alright!" The waitress walked off again.

"Okay so if they are split up then it should mean they are waiting for an escape..." I took a sip of the Cocoa, but it burned my mouth causing a loud squeal, "Isth fvery hoth!" I said loudly. Now my tongue was stinging, "Okay, so ith I cuth them off from major roadsth then I can catch them!" The waitress came up with a bowl of ice and pancakes, "How did you know to bring me isth!"

"You do this every time we give you something hot, I figure I'll skip the tearful begging for ice." She walked away again rubbing her head.

I plopped a cube of ice in my mouth and sucked on it until my mouth numbed out, "So now that I no longer have pain in my mouth, I can continue." I drew out a rough sketch of the island, well I improved upon the color in one on the kids menu, "So if Oda is blocking these docks, and the brothers are around this area..." I circled the best hiding places from my own experiences, "Let's see, twenty locations that are easy to hide in, I can't do that all at one time! Let's see if we can narrow this down. They would want to be close to docks, to see their escape vessel." I crossed out all places in the center of the city, "Thirteen left. Now I can cross out anywhere that can be seen from the main roads. Down to ten. Hm" I taped the colored wax writing utensil in my hand against my head, "Okay if we cross out anything that is near the main docks, we are down to seven. And they are all at the same district." I sighed, it was on the other side of town.

Suddenly there was a scream, and the waitress ran out from the back, "Quickly! Some man just made off with all of our money."

I tied the map to the collar of my dog, "Take this to Tobi!" The dog lapped up the rest of his milk and did the trick I taught him a few months ago. I ran to the back, which led out to the alleyway. One of the hiding spots I had expected, though it was a bit farther out than I thought. "Hey stop!"

"Try and stop me kid!" He sneered.

"That's what I'm trying to do!" I said running after him. I gained ground but he escaped into the crowd. "Aww! Let's think, he just escaped with money, meaning he would want to go hide somewhere." I looked around, and eventually saw the perfect spot, a house under construction. The builders were off for a few days so the building was half built and abandoned. I ran inside quietly , "Let's see," I whispered, "There is no way he could have escaped yet, there's no back door yet." Admittedly this was one of her escape routes. "He isn't in here, thus he must be." I looked up, a half made roof with a ladder leading to the top. "Agh, why didn't I think of rooftops before! They can see the ocean and not be easily spotted." I banged my hand with my hand chanting the word stupid.

"Oh my god!" I suddenly said, "There is a ball tonight and I don't have a person to dance with!" I shook her head, "Wait, get the bad guy first." I scrambled up the ladder, I could see the figure of the man hopping rooftops. "If I call out he may choose a different route, maybe I should follow silently until he leads me right to his group, and then I'll strike and show Oda that I'm just as good as the swords in confidence!" I ran behind him, careful not to slip and accidentally die, I hadn't really perfected energy shields yet.

He eventually hopped into another abandoned house, "Jesus, how many houses are left unattended!" I laid on the rooftop listening, two voices.

"Demetri already hightailed it, what were you doing!" An angry voice rasped.

"I had to get some more loot before leaving, don't worry I made a clean getaway." The thief laughed, "Anyways we are already almost in the clear!"

"We can drink when we are completely out of the frying pan." He grumbled, "I bet they will leave without us if we don't hurry."

"It is a good thing we split up huh! Genius idea from the boss." I had heard enough, I called the thief Idiot, and the other guys Grump because they one was painfully stupid and the other needed a hug.

"Tell me, what is the first three digits of PI?" I yelled down.

"What the hell, who are you!" Idiot said.

"Answer the question, and I won't take you to the authorities."

Grump laughed, "Okay we will play your game." He had a smug laugh, I was soon ready to wipe it off, "3, 1, and 4!"

"Close but you forgot the decimal after 3! So close" I jumped down in between them, "I think it would be better if we started with the basics!" I said cheerily. "Count how many punches it takes to bring you both down."

"Ha! You are nothing but a child, I will hurt you so bad, and then when I'm done you can work as a maid for the boss." If you guessed that this was Idiot talking, then you are very intelligent. Needless to say, I punched him so hard with an energy shielded fist that I think he lost a few teeth. He rolled on the ground in pain.

"Well that is an easy number to work with, just one!" I turned to the other guy, "Please tell me you are the sensible one?"

"You stupid girl, I won't give you the chance to be a maid." He pulled out a pocket knife, "I know what you are, a pathetic Arcana Family member, I will kill you and be honored for taking out someone with as much power as you swines claim to have." The cocky man stabbed at me, and the only thing I could think was, what dress should I wear?

I easily dodged the knife, and picked up a rope on the ground. He lunged at me again, "What is the matter too scared for words?" He leered, I kept focus, dodging and looping the rope amoung objects strewn about and hanging wood planks. "I'll gut you like a pig!" I finished weaving my way around the room and waited for the inevitable lunge. When it happened I had the rope between my hands, swiped down, and disarmed him from the wrists. I calculated a 2% margin of error, thus my timing had to be perfect or I would have been lethally wounded. "What the hell!" I kicked him in the groin, making him do that silly whining noise men do when that happens. A second latter he passed out.

I had several cuts that I didn't notice before, although my calculations to avoid his attacks were perfect, my execution was not. I counted twelve cuts, two deep, all pretty painful. I cut strips off of my own clothes and wrapped the deep cuts on my arm. The rope trap I had built had been for good use, I hung them both from the roof. I walked out to the street and found a guard, "Go into that house, arrest those robbers, and return the money to the Cafe in the Economy district."

"Yes ma'am." He walked to the house, I went to the mansion to find clothes.

The guard caught up to me about halfway through, "One of the criminals escaped, the one missing teeth is still there." I sighed.

"Take it to another member please, I have wounds to clean up, and I have to get changed. If you really must get him, ask one of the members near the dock." I really wasn't in the mood to deal with the Grump again, so I abandoned the guard and painfully climbed up into my room. "Should I wear the red, green, or blue dress?" I said aloud, I wanted to look like the best dressed girl at the party in any way possible, "I suppose the red one will hide any blood if I stain it..." I took the dress to a maid so that it would be cleaned and properly prepared. "Time to go take a nice hot bath!"
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