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    Oh sweet, Elder Scrolls! Sign me up!

    Name: Aurian (Bosmer don't have family names)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 30
    Species: Bosmer (Wood Elf)


    Aurian is a very calm and relaxed person, and does not get riled up easily. He is very cool, calm and calculating, and has a tremendous amount of patience, and can outlast nearly anyone when it comes to waiting. Aurian is very quiet, and is not very talkative unless it is for information he needs. Aurian has been moulded into an emotionless person through the wars and battles he has fought in, and has turned into a hollow fighting machine as opposed to a living Mer. Aurian is a down-to-earth person, yet he personally does not abide by the Green Pact set in Valenwood. Aurian is level-headed, and is not overconfident and does not overlook resistance. Aurian's opinions on the War against Skyrim are critical, Aurian believing Ulfric is nothing but a barbarian, and needs to be eliminated. Aurian is a firm believer in Elven Supremacy, due to his days in the Military Academy. Aurian is a cold person, and feels emotions for few people, and everyone else Aurian treats with courteous detachment. Aurian is very intelligent, and is quite a avid learner, despite being a soldier.


    Aurian was born on the island of Stros M'kai, to a pair of Bosmer scholars who were researching the Dwemer Ruins on Stros M'Kai. Due to this, Aurian grew up with lots of Dwarven influence, and all his weapons are Dwarven inventions. Although his parents were peaceful scholars, Aurian became interested in fighting and trained in the art of war. Through this, Aurian became quiet skillful for his age.

    When Aurian was thirteen, his parents, wanting to help their son reach his goals, sent Aurian to a Military Academy in Alinor, where Aurian learned the ways of the Thalmor. Despite the high elves preference for magic, Aurian's Bosmer blood made him a natural archer. So, when Aurian reached military age, he signed up and joined a battalion of archers.

    Aurian first began his service back in Stros M'kai, due to the threat of a Redguard invasion. Aurian was stationed in Stros M'kai for eight years, with nothing but a few skirmishes with Redguard forces. While in Stros M'kai, Aurian met an Imperial lady, who be became involved with, named Renee Augustus. During his stay in Stros M'kai, Aurian began to become romantically attached to Renee, and the two married shortly before Aurian was called out to Skyrim. Aurian still has a house there that he used to visit before being imprisoned.

    After his time in Stros M'kai, Aurian was called to the front lines when war broke out between the Dominion and Skyrim. Aurian quickly became revelled as a war hero out in the field, almost single handedly defending a Thalmor outpost in Hjaalmarch, with twenty-eight confirmed kills in one day. As Aurian was earning commendations on the battlefield, his hard-fought efforts were going unnoticed back in Alinor, even after he served valiantly in the Battle of Winterhold recently, putting twenty-seven Stormcloaks to death in the battle, and capturing the Jarl of Winterhold alive.

    After Winterhold, Aurian and his battalion were being transported back to Stros M'kai when his ship was intercepted by Imperial forces, and eight Thalmor ships, including the one Aurian was on, were lost. Aurian was taken prisoner by Imperial forces, and sentenced to life in prison, originally in the City of Anvil, in Cyrodiil. Aurian tried to get the Thalmor to negotiate Aurian's release, but the Thalmor refused. Feeling betrayed, Aurian attempted to break out of prison. Aurian managed to escape the prison, but was caught by Imperial Soldiers just outside of the Elsweyr border nine days ago. Perceived as a threat, Aurian was locked up, this time in the Imperial City's Dungeon, for life. Hearing about Akatosh's Hourglass from a Prison guard, Aurian concluded that he would attempt another escape to obtain the hourglass, and exact revenge on the Thalmor.
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