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    @Pointblank: You are accepted! Cool SU!

    Join, people!

    My SU:

    Name: Ulrich Gondyctor
    Gender: Male
    Age: 39
    Species: Breton

    Like that but he has a hood on most of the time due to he being a wanted man.


    Ulrich is very business oriented, preferring to make deals that suit him and he is the kind to get away with it. Ulrich analyzes every situation in order to find more ways to make a profit. Ulrich is cunning, intelligent and crafty. Ulrich is quite skilled in giving an inch and taking a mile, to quote the saying. Ulrich is very self-absorbed, and takes to the mindset that he is superior to most. Ulrich is very arrogant, due to his aristocrat nature and his economic power. Ulrich suffers from megalomania, which leads him to believe that he is meant to conquer all of Tamriel through economic and political power. Ulrich is very logical and intelligent when it comes to dealings negogiations with others, and can always seem to win a deal. Ulrich has the influence to be able to sell anything to anyone. Ulrich is a shrewd negogiator, possessing skills in diplomacy. Ulrich prefers not to form personal bonds unless it is for business. Ulrich has a aura of sophistication around him.


    Ulrich Gondyctor was born in Daggerfall, in High Rock. Ulrich was born to minor nobility who held little power. Ulrich was raised in comfort and luxury, like most nobility, not noticing the struggle many others faced. At an early age, Ulrich was taught the ways of diplomacy, in order to replace his father. Ulrich learned what he could diligently, but realized at a young age that his father held next to no power in the courts, and Ulrich was committed to establishing more power. When Ulrich was fifteen, he purchased the land and materials to build a store, The Daggerfall Trader, which functioned as a general store. Ulrich quickly received profits due to shrewd planning and back-handing a few people. Ulrich used these profits to build more shops, which he established in the major cities of High Rock. Ulrich quickly received profits and exceeded the rest of his family in profits. Due to his sucess and fame in High Rock, he was offered a position as economic advisor for Articlere's Lord. Ulrich accepted, yet managed to control his business empire which had started to expand into Hammerfell and Skyrim. Ulrich served in the economic advisor position for three years until he became bored of the job.

    Ulrich left the job to run his company, now named the Daggerfall Trading Company, which had operations from the Summerset Isles to Morrowind and everywhere in between. Ulrich left High Rock and created his central office in Anvil, in Western Cyrodiil. Ulrich's company rivalled the East Empire Trading Company, which unlike Ulrich's company was funded by the Empire. Ulrich had built his company through tactical business measures. When Ulrich was twenty-nine, about ten years ago was invited to a meeting to possibly combine his Company with the East Empire Company. Ulrich once again accepted, and travelled to the Imperial City. The two parties began negogiating a pact which would unite the two companies. Ulrich was persistent that he should rule the combined company, while the East Empire Company wanted a board of directors. After the nineteenth day of unsuccessful negogiations, Ulrich returned to the inn where he was staying like any other day. What was different about this day was Ulrich was dragged into a alley and beaten mercifully, and left to die in the streets. Ulrich recovered, and fled Cyrodiil to Riften, which held his Skyrim office and was anti-Empire territory.

    Soon after the beating, the Empire made it illegal for the Daggerfall Trading Company to be present in Cyrodiil and Western Skyrim. This dealt a major blow to Ulrich as more people and businesses were not willing to deal with the Daggerfall Trading Company after the law was passed, so within two years the company was nearly bankrupt, barely holding on to its posts in Eastern Skyrim. Ulrich felt broken, betrayed and cursed. His life's dream had fell apart. After six years of living in Skyrim holding on to the fledgling remains of the Daggerfall Trading Company, Ulrich returned to his home City of Daggerfall. Despite the rough ending to his business, Ulrich returned to Daggerfall as a celebrated icon. Ulrich quickly set up business in Daggerfall, and sold his assets in Skyrim. Ulrich once again became sucessful in High Rock, spreading his company, now the Gondyctor Traders Association, across High Rock, Hammerfell and the Aldmeri Dominion, once again Ulrich drew the ire of the Empire. So about one year before present times, Ulrich's Manor in Daggerfall was sieged by Imperial Forces, who clashed with Ulrich's personal mercenary serivce. After two weeks of the Imperial siege on the Gondyctor Manor, Ulrich surrendered to Imperial Forces and was arrested for charges of treason and fraud. Ulrich was brought to trial in the Imperial City.

    After a short trial in which Ulrich was given no rights, Ulrich Gondyctor was deemed guilty of treason and fraud by a jury of his peers. Upon this conviction, Ulrich was sentenced to death. For the time until his execution, Ulrich was placed in the Imperial City dungeon.
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