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    “Important?” Evie repeated, mulling the word around in her head, “Not really, but then it kinda is at the same time” she mused, mostly to herself and unaware that she was speaking out loud. Then she grinned, cocking her head to the left and eyeing the book lovingly. “I suppose it is. It was a present from my Aunt. First sketch book I ever sold anything from too” she glanced up now, looking at Wyatt directly, “so yeah, it is” as she spoke she turned round to face the boy in front of her directly, beginning to absent-mindedly thumb through the thick, yellow pages.

    From within the book flashes of bright sunsets, serene pools and water falls flicked by, until she stopped, fingering what looked like a practically well-worn page, it’s corners bent in and the white frames smudged grey with lead covered fingers. Opening the book to it’s fullest, she stared down at a scene of rolling meadows, golden with fresh wheat, and purple for the lavender harvests, and set in front was a woman, with long blonde hair. She was pretty with golden brown skin, and leaf green eyes set into a heart shaped face. She wore a checked working shirt, and huge rough gloves, brandishing a few pretty, thorn flowers, as she smiled warmly up from the painting.

    “Home” she said dreamily, stroking the page, her voice distant. She had almost forgotten her company till she snapped herself out of the trance. “Just a piece of home” she voiced affectionately, tearing herself up from the page and grinning at Wyatt, before slowly beginning to close the book. “Anyway, what brought you to the beach? I hadn’t expected to meet so many” she giggled. “Nor for it to be as action packed” she laughed, looking over her shoulder at the boy on the rock.

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