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    In the process of reviewing this chapter - thoroughly - I've come to a realization - making no sense actually is my forte with writing stories. So, I apologize if this chapter is a bit farfetch'd (pun very much intended) or grammatically wrong or whatever, that's just how I do.

    Chapter Two

    Reyes couldn’t see anything – he cursed his poor night vision – but he could see the Pokémon falling to the ground one by one. Everyone once in a while a Flamethrower swirled up in the air, revealing Dominic sinking his claws into something. He was the only Dark type there, allowing him much better vision, however, he was still very outnumbered. Eventually it changed from him attacking to him being attacked, and his screams filled the air instead of the many rebels.

    “Let’s go!” his outline blurred. Reyes dug his feet in the snow-dirt mixture and broke into a sprint that slowly accelerated until even Dominic had a hard time keeping track of him. Dominic jumped, grabbing hold of the Bisharp’s other arm, letting Reyes run them both out the city and down the pier, the ensuing Pokémon disappearing behind them.

    “How do we get through without a boat?” Bisharp asked, closing his eyes to shield them from the stabbing wind. Reyes and Dominic shared a secretive glance and a sinister smirk before jumping off the pier, high into the night sky. They landed on the water; however, they did not sink, and instead started doing long jumps across the dark waters.

    “How – how are you doing this?”

    “Both of us” – Reyes ducked his head – “both of us were trained to move fast as lightning. By applying little pressure on the water then we can cross over it.”

    “We’re pretty amazing like that,” Dominic smirked, pushing into the air and doing a 360.

    “Now you’re just showing off,” Reyes said sourly. Dominic cackled in response.

    “But you know what I’d really love?” Dominic smiled, and suddenly they were at Floaroma Town, surrounded by a field of multicolored flowers of all shapes and sizes. Bisharp was surprised, as they had been crossing the ocean just moments earlier. Dominic bent down to pick a flower.

    “C’mon, Dominic, get serious,” Reyes said. Bisharp didn’t get how he was immune to the almost intoxicating scent of flowers in the air. The town was so calm and peaceful he almost felt like going to sleep, then he remembered what they were doing.

    “Fine,” Dominic snapped, and instantly they were back to running across the ocean. Bisharp had almost forgotten Dominic could make illusions. But it was so very realistic he was almost lost in it.

    “Wow, that’s a pretty good illusion,” he commented. Dominic scoffed as if it was an insult.

    “Don’t expect anything less from me,” he said, not turning to look back at him. “I could make a Zoroark think he was dead.”

    “There are a few admirable traits Dominic has,” Reyes said passively, staring forward. Dominic jumped, skidding on the water’s surface and nearly plunging in. He stared daggers at Reyes and he made a very strange expression, presumably caught up in one his illusions.

    “Reyes is a big fat idiot who thinks he’s all cool all the time,” Dominic said while he was still out of it. “He does the thinking and I do all the fighting!”

    “So you’re just the brawn, no brains,” Bisharp translated. Dominic sputtered and Reyes immediately snapped back to attention, as Dominic had lost his concentration as Bisharp turned his words against him.

    “Dominic,” Reyes sighed, grabbing a fistful of his hair and bringing him closer. “Do that again and I will kill you.” He threw him to the side and the sky was lit up in a sudden flash of light that fell down in a greenish-white beam right on Dominic, effectively knocking him out. Bisharp grabbed his arm to prevent him from sinking under the water. “You really don’t need to do that, as he can float downstream quite well,” Reyes said, his voice taking on a new, unfamiliar tone.

    Bisharp was interested as to what exactly he had seen, but by his angry expression he obviously wasn't going to talk about it. Meanwhile, their relationship is very questionable. While they seem friends and partners, they argue far more than they work together, and often enough one’s power goes against friend rather than foe.

    “Canalave,” Reyes said suddenly.

    “What?” Bisharp said. Reyes pointed at the grey-streaked horizon.

    “Canalave City,” he repeated. The port city was just coming into view. Reyes picked up the pace and Bisharp braced himself as his strides grew lower and quicker until he literally was running on water. With one agile leap the ground below transformed into the aged wooden piers of Canalave City. He grabbed onto a wooden beam and swung onto the drawbridge bringing the divided city together. “We have to cross through the rest of Sinnoh to Veilstone.”

    “I haven’t been to Canalave since Ethan challenged the gym here,” Bisharp said, caught up in his memorabilia. From Reyes’ expression he was remembering the city as well, but not as fondly as Bisharp. Bisharp’s eyes trailed downwards to the unconscious Dominic. “I’ll take him to a PokéCenter,” he volunteered. He took Reyes’ silence as an agreement and hefted the Zoroark over his shoulder, starting towards the Pokémon Center. This gesture became wasted, as Dominic was deemed totally fine when they arrived. Actually, the only injury he had was a slight bruise on his forehead. He was both annoyed and slightly touched by the action.

    “Reyes’ di**head self couldn’t hurt me,” he boasted, poking the small bandage on his head. “Where is he, anyway?”

    “I think he went to the Library.”

    “Oh, he’s always reading,” Dominic scoffed. By the way he said it he seemed to be pretty illiterate. He stood up, stretching his back.

    “Curious: how is Snowpoint destroyed, but Canalave is intact?” Bisharp asked. Dominic folded his arms across his chest, thoughtful.

    “Well, see, the rebels have about as much a plan as us. As there is one rebel to every twenty revolutionary, they try to be secretive and not make a huge impact at one time. There are at least thirty or something revolutionaries here, and I’m pretty sure they don’t have enough supporters to send out thirty at a time for each city. Snowpoint was just taken over so they’re still guarding it, but the other few cities – Floaroma, Solaceon, and Hearthome – don’t have as many. Actually, right now, revolutionaries are fighting there to take them back.”

    “So how come you and Reyes aren’t fighting the rebels directly?” Bisharp stood up as well, flexing his deadly hands.
    “Like I said, Reyes doesn’t fight, and I don’t go nowhere without him.”

    “I have a question about that–”

    Bisharp didn’t get to his question, as at that moment, there was a loud boom outside the PokéCenter and it resonated through Canalave City. The two of them glanced at each other for a second before racing out of the center and joining the crowd of gathering onlookers watching the burning Library.

    “The fu– Reyes!” Dominic cupped his claws to his mouth and shouted. At first, he thought Reyes had perished in the flames (as he was a Grass type he never was too quick in fire) but a few moments later he leapt through the wall of flames, his palm-tree like tail smoldering, a cluster of books in his arms. He failed to land on his feet and rolled on the ground, but the action managed to extinguish his backside. The books clattered to the pavement.

    “Dominic!” Reyes said before breaking into a coughing fit. Dominic crouched down next to him.

    “What happened?” he demanded. Reyes opened his mouth but was interrupted by Gym Leader Byron storming in, followed by Bastiodon.

    “What happened?” he demanded in the same manner as Dominic. Dominic rolled his eyes.

    “Rebel!” Reyes finally managed to shout, pointing at the burning building. A fireball flew out, nearly burning off Byron’s head; however, Bastiodon shielded him at the last second. An Infernape came out of the mess. Understanding dawned on Dominic’s face and Bisharp stepped closer, kneeling down to join in the conversation.

    “What do we do?” he asked.

    “What do you think we do? Drink tea?” Dominic scoffed. Infernape’s eyes went from Byron to Bastiodon to them. His eyes narrowed at the sight of Reyes. The flame on his head burned brightly to exhibit his spirit. He lunged in their direction, fists flaming. Dominic pulled Reyes back and Bisharp jumped in front of them, blocking with both his arms. Infernape bounced back, snarling.

    “You,” he growled at Reyes. He stepped on the books he was carrying, setting them alight. Reyes painfully got to his feet and swung Leaf Blade at Infernape, causing him to rear back. He grabbed the flaming books and threw them into the dirt, patting himself down to keep from catching on fire before falling on his rear.

    “Reyes, what is so important with those books you have to risk catching on fire?” Dominic said. Infernape howled and his fire blazed even brighter as flames sprouted from the earth. The patrons of Canalave jumped around, some even diving in the lake to keep from getting burned. “Oh my Arceus,” Dominic face-palmed, grabbed Reyes’ books and shoved them in his fur before swinging his foot in Infernape’s direction. Infernape dodged easily and they broke into close combat.

    “The books,” Reyes said as he got to his feet. Bisharp closed his eyes and glowed white a moment. The sky, previously a blue and grey mixture, filled completely with dark clouds and immediately began to rain, dousing the flames. Infernape halted a minute, enough time for Dominic to kick him in the canal. Helpless in the water he floated downstream kicking, disappearing somewhere near the bridge. Just as Dominic began to sigh in relief however, he caught a scent. Not a scent, actually – multiple scents, dozens of them. Infernape surely had reinforcements.

    “We have to go,” he said urgently, seeing a set of multicolored dots appearing at the ocean’s tip, followed by a rainbow-like streak of Pokémon in the sky. “We can’t do anything with this much Pokémon.”

    “But what about the people?” Bisharp gestured to the humans, who were now running for cover, and the Trainers, who were now releasing their own Pokémon.

    “This is out of our hands. The revolutionaries here can keep the Pokemon from wrecking the city,” Reyes answered, skipping over the question. Byron released Steelix, who promptly began using Stone Edge against the Flying types as they drew nearer. Dominic could see a huge variety of Pokémon – Dragonite, Flygon, Staraptor, Altaria – and an even huger assortment of Water types – Tentacool and Tentacruel, Milotic, Gastodon, Marill, Azumarill, Dewgong, Spheal.All the Dragonite knocked away the rocks and attacked Steelix with Dragon Rush, knocking him out immediately. Upon seeing Dominic and Reyes, however, their attention diverted from Byron and they all lunged to attack the two of them.

    “****!” Bisharp exclaimed. Even Reyes looked slightly alarmed as he cross his arms across his chest, the leaves on his arms extending. Dominic, however, was calm and collected, placid even as the rushing Pokémon suddenly stopped and crashed on the ground, all writhing in pain. Dominic took a deep breath and some of them even let out a few shouts of agony. “What are you doing?” Bisharp demanded, unwilling to see even rebels in that much pain.

    “Nothing much,” Dominic said simply, “just a cute little visit from Kyurem. Come on – while their distracted lets go!”

    Kyurem?” Reyes stopped him by grabbing his arm. “Kyurem is the strongest Dragon type in the entire world. Aren’t you overdoing it?”

    “Look, does it really matter? I mean, it’s not like anything is seriously happening to them.”

    “That’s not the point, Dominic!” Reyes suddenly shouted, taking him aback. Even Bisharp was scared by his outburst.

    “We’re not supposed to terrorize Pokémon!”

    Dominic sighed, annoyed, but the Pokémon immediately came to their senses. When they realized Kyurem was not there they searched for the source of the illusion – all twenty pairs of eyes landed on Dominic. Just as they were beginning to rise, however, a wave of revolutionaries broke through the crowd of Pokémon. The rain pattered on the concrete as the two groups stared vehemently at each other. Stares turned to angry remarks, angry remarks turned into brief scuffles, then the scuffles escalated into a large brawl. The brawl grew in tone as the Water types jumped out of the water and joined in; most, however, broke from the fight and began to attack the humans and their Pokémon, calling them profanities for “submitting to the human’s control.”

    “Insane!” Dominic shouted over the din as he, Reyes and Bisharp were backed to the edge of the canal by a group of Altaria and Weavile. One Weavile jumped so fast Reyes didn’t have time to move and it sunk its claws into his arm.

    Reyes blew him backwards with a Seed Bomb, but now his arm hung uselessly at his side, blood dripping through the claws clenching it.

    “Seriously insane,” Reyes agreed as the group advanced further, cracking off Ice Beams and Dragon Rage. If they came any closer the three of them would fall in the canal and become sitting ducks for the Water type Pokémon lurking underwater.

    “Something just occurred to me,” Bisharp said suddenly. “Reyes, can’t you use Dragon type moves? I remember from Pokémon School – Sceptile can use both Grass type moves and Dragon type moves.”

    Dominic face-palmed so hard his claws scratched off a bit of fur from his forehead. “And I’m the no-brainer.”

    Reyes glared at Bisharp out of the corner of his eye. “It won’t work if everyone is so close together, so your still the dumb one here Dominic.”

    “I’d rather take a hit from you” – Dominic ducked under an Ice Shard – “than a rebel.”

    Reyes contemplated this slowly and finally sighed. He took a deep breath and released it, except it was a large concentrated amount of blue and purple energy. A great majority of the Pokémon were knocked back, including Dominic and Bisharp, who plunged into the water. As the Pokémon slowly began to regroup Reyes dived in, falling under the waves. Dominic grabbed hold of the both of them and sped forward with Giga Impact. As he had no target he kept on going, knocking away any Water types attempting to attack. He stopped after just a few moments, surfacing. They were next to a bank, Canalave far out in the distance.

    “We’re…safe…” Dominic panted, hoisting himself on dry land before giving up moving entirely. Bisharp pulled himself on the grass and stared at Celestic Town not too far away.

    “What is the deal with the books, anyway?” Bisharp asked as Reyes stood up, shaking himself dry.

    “I had to save the books,” Reyes said, digging through Dominic’s fur for them. He opened one and used his claws to carefully separate two pages. “The Library was burned because some of the books have a secret.”

    “Secret?” Bisharp repeated. Reyes nodded.

    “It’s the reason that the Pokémon attacked the humans in the first place. I don’t know all that much about it yet, but I’m trying to find out more. This may be able to end the revolution.”
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