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Tad late I suppose, those poems are hard to compose.

People (I think this is classified as a Rap, though I didn't do a chorus or write it like music)
I can never figure out why there are cliques
The ones that are full of spoiled chics
And other such kids
I suppose it is something kept under lids
A secret so well hid
That even I can't get in
Are they hiding their acceptance?
Am I unworthy of their presence?
I was told not to think in terms of others
Told to speak in terms of myself and a lover
Though what lover is there for an outcast?
A simple social reject who could never outlast
A conversation with a person of opposite sex
And even the solace I find in this text
Is dilluded by the dissipointment
Of my appointments
With therapists
who wish
To see
what is wrong with me.
Well maybe someone could tell me,
because all I see
Is a life where my enemies
Outnumbers my friendly company
where the people I am used to
Are lost to a world where the good is sailed through
And overshadowed by the evil.
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