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Defeated Team Rocket in Celadon City
Recieved Sliph. scope
Recieved bike voucher
Recieved bike
defeated rival at pokemon tower
caught Golet in Pokemon tower
defeated Team Rocket at pokemon tower
recieved Poke Flute
passed through Cycling road
arrived in Fuschia City
with all the luck Caught Zweilos in Safari Zone (I was searching for Deino but found him instead, the chance of ifnding him is the same as Dragonair in Safari zone)
training - Golet evolved
challanged the Fuschia Gym
Recieved Soulbadge
defeated the fighting Dojo and recieved Choice band
defeated Rocket, Rival and Giovanni at Sliph co.
Challenged Sabrina
recieved Marsh Badge
Zweilos evolved

Now at Cinnabar Pokecenter


some other memorable pics

I also might do a ultimate run of this challenge, this challenge is almost over and I kinda like it.

Gliscor is boss. Period.
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