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    Originally Posted by Emrald View Post
    It's true, many legendary Pokemon have become available, mostly from 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th generations. That doesn't point towards anything however, and can I remind everybody that most of these if not all events are in Japan, not world wide?

    Not to mention Legendary giveouts are a common occurence, and not everybody can connect to the internet with their DS's in order to get those said Pokemon. Are we to cancel them out?
    If its a legend that has nothing to do with any current events, you could question it. Legends are handed out over Wifi because of how few there are compared to getting other Pokemon like Special Pikachus or something. Pikachu isn't hard to get so special ones are slideable. Legends though usually have something going on that they relate to.

    Deoxys, as I mentioned before is an Event Only Pokemon so him getting released for an event means that something not really related to the games is coming, possibly Movie or TCG events. But Deoxys itself is Event only so it doesn't relate to any specific game as its not available in any one specific game. So it neither confirms nor denies possibility for remakes.