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    Originally Posted by Miss Doronjo View Post
    Hm, I've been thinking about making a Persona RP for a while now, buuut I'm just not sure how it would work yet!

    Persona?! I LOVE YOU! It is SO HARD to find people who've even HEARD of that game, let alone express interest in it! I've played every single Shin Megami Tensei game that's been made, thus far. I would definitely be down with this.

    @Leaf: Okay.. so, I've been working with who I intend to bring on as AGM with my Pokemon: The Eternal Journey plot. We've actually revamped a good bit of things since my initial postings. We've dropped the concept of The Master Trainer, to avoid a conflict of interest. The Master Trainer was going to be the male trainer that you play as through Pearl. The conflict presented itself that, if this were the case, /my/ interpretation of how The Master Trainer handled things is completely different from how everyone else's did. The Antagonist Organization; previously named The Ascension Corporation, has been completely redone as well. They are now called The Shamans -- benevolent name, mysterious, and doesn't tie them to any alignment or previous Organization; IE: Team Rocket or Team Galactic.

    The Master Trainer has since been shifted merely to, "The Champion", as in, Pokemon League Champion. The reason he was taken out, is because of multiple facets, really. The primary -- and main reason that brought The Shamans in -- was his control over the Legendary Pokemon. Another aspect, was his sheer ability as a Pokemon Trainer. He was, the best in the Region. No one came close.

    More information is still being worked on, as we're still in the planning stage.. but the majority of things have been finished, even down to the Pokemon stat and level structure. More details will be released, the closer we get to submitting the idea for approval, and then accepting applications for players. Again, in my initial posting, I stated that I was looking for two or three more people to assist me with this. Since then, only one person has taken the time -- and interest -- in working with me on this. I can still work one more person in to the fold to assist with this, and give them more of a Narrator approach, to help keep the plot going, introduce new elements, and assist with NPC control. If interested, please send me a PM, and we can try to get all information forwarded to you to get your opinion on the plot as a whole, and then work on finalizing everything.

    I'm being scarce on big details as best as I can right now, because if all the information is given in the planning stages, then the element of shock and interest will fade, since everyone will know what to expect. The full details will be released, once all of the planning is completely done, and the idea is submitted to the forum Mods for approval. Suddenly, you get an "Oh, this is new.." *opens and reads* "Holy hell..! I want to play!" <--- Well, that's what we're hoping anyway.. Heh.


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