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Being a Trainer 101[II]
Route 101
Oliver Riverwood

The Pokemon kept rolling across the grassy ground for a further few minutes before spotting the Oran berries they two had collected, scattered around. In a quick swoop it scooped them up and began biting into them, enjoying such a fresh treat. “Oi, those are ours!” Oliver yelled, but the Pokemon didn’t seem to care. “Feeeeeb,” Feebas muttered. Oliver could tell it was angry. After all it was the one who actually found the small blue fruits. Feebas launched itself out of the water, sending ripples of water to crash back onto Oliver. The Pokemon too busy enjoying the berries was struckoff-guard by a powerful tackle form Feebas. However, it only took a few seconds for the cheeky Pokemon to process what had just happened, and it sprang up into the air and glided above them. The sun illuminated its body; it shone brightly as it glided over the treetops. “A Tailow!” Oliver exclaimed, surprised by such an unusual encounter. Tailow whistled, taunting Feebas who very well couldn’t reach it. Feebas groaned and lopped vigorously in anger across the banks of the pond. “I think we might have a new companion.” Oliver called over to Feebas. “Let’s get Tailow, shall we?” He winked at Feebas, and the Pokemon immediately begaing flailing in the dirt, sending clouds of dust flying up into the air. Unfortunately for the Tailow it was caught in one of them. Losing its vision for a short time, it swopped down to ground where Feebas was able to execute another tough tackle. Tailow was thrown back, but almost instantly retorted with a quick attack that Feebas was able to just slightly dodge. Flapping its wings, Tailow turned mid-air to slow down, before swooping yet again.

“In the water now!” Oliver sceamed. Feebas flopped back into the depths of the pond. Tailow glided across the surface of the pond, but was unable to reach the brown muddy Pokemon who lurked below. “Now, splash!” Oliver ordered, wiping sweat off his face, water still dripping from his saturated hair. The fish pokemon flailed around crazily, sending streams of water everywhere. The Tailow couldn’t help but get hit by such a spray and soon was forced to take to the land, with its wings wet and heavy. It gasped for air, struggling to stand. Oliver quickly reachedfor his belt and grabbed one of his five Pokeballs the professor had given him. With a firm grip he tossed it at the Tailow. The ball spun as it travelled through the air, its shiny surface glimmering in the sun. It soon made contact with the Tailow and released a jet of red light. The Tailow de-materialised before Oliver’s very eyes and now it was all up to chance. The ball clicked into position but began wiggling. It wiggled once, but remained firmly closed. It wiggled a second time and it seemed to be struggling. It wiggled a third and final time, before it made an echoing clank and rolled to Oliver’s feet, who had now began drying himself off on land. Feebas hopped over, and snatched the pokeball with its head before throwing it up to Oliver, who caught it. “Nice.” Oliver spat, breathing heavily. “Looks like we’ve got another team-member.” Feebas grinned and waddled back to the Oran berry bush where only few berries remained.

It had become darker now. With Oliver and Feebas saving the professor and catching Tailow, the sun had soon began to set. Dusk was approaching. With the day drawing to a close, it had began to get much cooler, so Oliver thought it would be more than appropriate to set up a campfire. But how? He didn’t have any fuel, let alone a match or a lighter. He settled on the fact that he’d have to do things the old fashioned way. He release Tailow for the first time since he caught it, the birds chirped as it felt the cool, evening wind. “Okay Tailow,” the pokemon looked up sharply, “I need you to go fetch me some firewood, could you do that?” “Tay Tay!” The bird replied. It shot up into the sky and disappeared amongst the thick shrubbery. It returned soon after with a collection of twigs and branches and even a few Pecha berries for it and Feebas to snack on. Feebas nudged Tailow gratefully. “Now, wall we need is a stone and a stick.” Oliver grumbled. He ran off looking for any decent sized stone to use. He wandered off into the greenery. He didn’t have long now before it was completely dark so he had to find something quick smart. Instead of finding what he came for, he spotted a mysterious man pacing back and forth as well as a few Trainers eager for a battle. Creeping out of the shrubbery Oliver approached the man who paused and looked at him with a warm and welcoming smile.

“Ah, hello!” the man said, his voice cheery. “What can I do for you?” “Uhh,” Oliver stuttered “Have you seen any rocks of stones around here? It seems to be all just flat, grassy land. I need to make a fire for my Pokemon and I and I’m afraid if I don’t find a source of heat or light, we’ll be spending the night cold and shivering.” “Oh?” the man said, shocked by such a possibility. “Don’t fret” he then said, “’l’ll lend you hand. I’m Rodger by the way, nice to meet you...?” he paused. “Oh, Oliver” Oliver replied slightly delayed. “Ah it’s a pleasure to meet you Oliver. I assume you’re a local Pokemon Trainer?” “Yeah” Oliver answered. “ I just started today, and already it’s been hectic.” “Sure sounds like it.” Rodger said, chuckling softly. “I’m a Pokemon Trainer to, but lately I’ve been more interested in the finding the many berries that only grow around these parts. Not to mention, I’m here to gather some more information on the suspicious thefts of Pokemon.” “Go on.” Oliver said, wide-eyed and deeply interested. “Apparently there’s a bunch of shady characters roaming Hoenn, stealing Pokemon and attacking big businesses. Weird huh!?” “Definitely.” The pair carried on, slowly walking back to Feebas and Tailow under Oliver’s lead.

Reaching the camp, it had finally reached night. Only the moon and the stars provided light now, even then, very little. “Now, time to make a campfire hey.” Rodger said. He took hold of one of his pokeballs that sat firmly attached to a trainer belt of his own. It clicked it open and out came a rather monstrous camel-like creature. “Meet Camelrupt.” Rodger said. Oliver new from such a Pokemon that Rodger was a much better trainer than him, and that he had ten times the amount of experience. “Camelrupt, use Flamethrower on those twigs and let’s get things warmed up. “ Rodger ordered. Camelrupt began gathering heat at the back of its mouth before released it in a burst of scorching hot flame. With a campfire, all they need was food and Rodger seemed to have exactly that. “I’ve got a conglomeration of berries we can roast. There’s more than enough for everyone so feel free to grab a handful.” Feebas and Tailow grabbed two each but preferred to eat theirs cold. The berries took on a different shape and colour to those Oliver had found earlier. They were plump and yellow with light orange spots scattered across their skin. “Sitrus berries.” Rodger muttered, “The best around!” Oliver and Rodger both snagged a stick each and stuck their berries on the ends. The berries bubbled as they roasted over the fire. “So, you’re planning to take on the Hoenn League after you acquire the eight Hoenn badges?” Rodger asked curiously. “Indeed, my first stop from here is Olddale Town. I’ve been trying to avoid the trainers here, since I don’t particularly want to battle at the moment. I mainly just wanted to train. I might battle some of them tomorrow actually.” “Haha” Rodger laughed before offering Oliver a proposal, “Why don’t we have a battle tomorrow? I’m sure it’ll be fun. “ Oliver was hesitant. How could he compete with Rodger? Having seen Camelrupt who knows what other powerful pokemon he might have? Despite his doubts however, Oliver accepted. “Alright. It’s set then.” The two babbled on through the night before finally falling asleep. The fire eventually faded and they became shrouded in darkness.

If it wasn’t for Feebas and Tailow who’d splashed loudly in the pond, Rodger and Oliver would have spent for most of the day. Still full from last night’s feast the two took the time to wake up. Oliver groaned, still tired. “Morning” Rodger whispered, stretching his arms and legs. “Morning.” Oliver replied. The two both washed their faces, the pond’s cool water preparing them for the intense day ahead. “So, what about that Pokemon battle hey?” Rodger asked. “Alright, let’s do this.” Oliver answered, eager to show Rodger what he’s got.

“Let’s settle for two on two.” Rodger called. Oliver nodded, accepting such an offer. “Alright then,” he began “Slakoth you’re up!” Rodger threw his pokeball sending the lazy, sloth pokemon out. It crawled across the ground snail-slowly. Oliver could tell it probably wasn’t that good of a battler. “Heh this will be easy.” Oliver yelled out to Rodger, with a smug look on his face. “Tailow, let’s go!” Tailow sprung to action, readying to battle the sloth Pokemon. “You may have the first move!” Rodger yelled. And so Oliver did. “Tailow, Quick Attack!” Tailow spun swiftly, then swooped down at Slakoth at a super speed. “Bulk Up!” Rodger screamed. Slakoth stood up and pushed its chest outward, it’s muscles soon were outlined and the Pokemon glowed a ddep brown. Tailow landed it’s Quick Attack, but, the small bird Pokemon bounced right off Slakoth and back into the air. “Stay close!” Oliver commanded. “Bad move.” Rodger chuckled sinisterly. “Scratch!” Slakoth sharpened its calws and began swiping at Tailow. “Try and dodge it!” Oliver screamed. Tailow swooped and ducked and spun out of the way. Slakoth was unable to land a solid scratch on the little bird. “Now, quick attack once more!” Tailow pushed off again, but was intersected by Slakoth’s sharp claws that dug deep into its feathers. “Taaaaaay” It cried before falling to the ground. It struggled to remain balanced. “Now finish it off with Brick Break. Slakoth’s arm became solid stiff before it sent out a slicing chop that it Tailow directly in the back. Tailow rolled across the ground weakly, fainting. “Argh!”Oliver grunted. He was shocked at such power, such a lazy Pokemon like Slakoth could hold. He definitely didn’t expect it to be so hard to hit. Oliver returned Tailow to its ball and Feebas took its position.

“Still want to battle?” Rodger called out. “I’m not giving up just yet!” Oliver yelled back. “Slakoth, use Brick Break once more!” Slakoth readied it’s arm and released another slicing chop. “Feebas, splash!” Oliver demanded. Feebas did exactly what it was asked and danced around frantically sending dirt everywhere. The dirt it flicked everywhere managed to hit Slakoth straight in the eye causing it to miss its mark entirely and chop the ground. Oliver noticed having done this, Slakoth became stuck. It’s fist was stuck firmly into the ground. This was his chance to strike. “Now Tackle Feebas!” Feebas thrusted itself into Slakoth repeatedly, causing a series of strong hits. Unfortunately for Oliver, it just wasn’t enough. “Slakoth, Counter!” Oliver felt a sharp pain of worry. He had forgotten that only one of Slakoth’s arms were stuck. The other was still free. He glanced at Feebas who was unaware of what was to come. “Noo” he yelled. But it was too later. Slakoth swung its furry fist around, hitting Feebas hard in the face. It flopped to the ground, exhausted. Oliver ran to it, devastated about his second loss. Rodger hurried over too, to shake his hand. “Take these berries too.” He told Oliver. “I had some spare from last night. Those berries will prove especially helpful in the recovery of your Pokemon. So don’t stress too much.” “Thanks.” Oliver said, smiling at Rodger before returning Feebas to its pokeballs and walking toward the end of Route 101. Although their goodbye was short, and somewhat odd, Oliver knew he’d see Rodger sometime in the future. He looked back to glance one last time at the helpful man, but he was gone. He had vanished; vanished into the tall grass and the tower-tall trees that he called home for this short part of his journey.
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