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Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
Coldest it's gotten here so far is -11 with wind chill, I think. It's 3 degrees now. Not too big a deal. I'm getting a bit sick of it because it's so rainy here. I'd much prefer snow instead of rain at this point. :(

It always surprises me how few Canadians actually visit Canadian destinations. :( Even those who travel a lot will go all over the world and never visit the province next door. I get that Canada's huge and you can't get to as many places in one trip as other destinations but Canada's awesome. The only places I haven't been are the territories and the only province I didn't enjoy at all was Manitoba. :P
I really want to go out west and out east and I hope to some day. Let's go on a Canada tour! :P

But, when it comes to family travel for us... eh... Dad travels throughout Canada a lot. He's been to all the provinces many times over. He's somewhere just about every week. I think going elsewhere is more desirable to him as a vacation because otherwise it might feel more like work? Or something?