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Ari - The Empress - Mission 1

Ari sat bedside where she occasionally made a glance at the brightening sun, in the small-framed bed beside her laid a frail man. Her hands tucked under his, it was clear she didn’t have the courage to look him in the eyes. After all they weren’t close and hadn’t been for six long years. His lavender eyes seem to perfectly matched to hers as if she had stolen them for him. She let go of his cold, pale hands and stood up to brush off the crumbs of an early morning snack. Now, as she stood at the edge of the bed a flicker of sadness and guilt entered her eyes. Her mouth opened to speak but like always the words remained stuck in her throat. Crossing the room Ari grabbed a spare blanket and tucked it in around the man’s body. A quick tug was made on each of the four restraints that held the man down to the bed. It seemed like a cruel measure to do to a rather defenseless human being.

“Bye Pa,” Her voiced croaked as she exited the room as if a starting pistol had sounded telling her to leave. Her heels dug into the soft dirt that surrounded the entire house, a secluded home that dwelled within the forest on Regalo Island. No one in the Arcana Famiglia knew that she came here every morning. Since she was the Head of her sector there was no one she needed to check in with. Faint sounds, like a man screaming, made their way to Ari’s ears. They came in five seconds intervals until she reached the outskirts of the town. With house behind her, which kept her father a prisoner, Ari walked with purpose and a determined look on her face. The wind blew her new hairstyle in the wind; she enjoyed the breeze that pushed against her body. Luckily her form fitting dress was too tight to be blown in the wind because she absolutely hated when they did that. The dress gave off a shimmer of light as the sun beamed its rays off her metallic, gold dress. Soon she arrived at her favorite place, Regalo’s shoe cleaning shop it had some fancy name but Ari couldn’t be bothered to remember small details like this.

“Ms. Terranci, you’re early,” A man with a large belly chuckled as he looked her over. “Please, please sit down.” Ari nodded and sat crossed leg, left over right, in her personal chair. Carefully the man bent down and plucked Ari’s shoes from her feet and disappeared into the shop. She always had preferred the outside view rather than the inside, plus it smelled horribly in there. In this moment the town was at ease there never was much trouble during the day.

“Are you wearing these to the ball?” A sight in the window that displayed the inside of the store delayed her response, which the burly man came to expect. Ari rarely spoke more than a few words to him and he rightfully respected it.

“Aren’t you the curious one? Let me ask you something, Domencio, are you aware your apprentice swipes a few coins every time you leave him be?” The question didn’t phase the man in the least bit. He even smiled at her, a sight Ari would erase off his face.

“A question for another question, if I may?” The man called Domencio continued anyway, “Are you aware that thieves have stolen from Island’s bank? Aren’t you Arcana Famiglia required to stop them?” If the man was expecting a bewildered look on Ari’s face he was surely disappointed. Her famous smirk reared it’s delightful present, this is why she liked this man. He supplied her with information without her having to pull teeth, the town gossip but this one was strictly under her thumb.

“I’ll be back then,” Her bare feet braced the warm, brick pavement. She was eager to test her newest illusions on the next victim that came across her path. Their screams would give her the happiness she needed after her daily morning disappointments. One thing tugged at her mind, how did the thieves’ get anywhere near the island’s bank? Obviously Swords, the sector of the Famiglia dedicated to defense can’t keep nitwitted thieves out of their banks!

Her brain began to formulate different ideas and she divulged into the information she had previously processed from thieves. Typically they split the theft money and themselves to reach an end destination. Usually along the way one or more got especially greedy and try to snatch a purse or two. Instantly, it clicked where she could find one thief for sure. Her feet became the source of pain a pain that she would unleash tenfold onto whatever one she stumbled upon. Ari came to a stop in front of the most famous restaurant in all of Regalo, thieves got hungry too especially ones that just came into quite a bit of cash. Her quick eyes surveyed the restaurant watching for people who appeared to be more nervous than the rest. A table toward the back of the building sat a woman. This woman constantly tapped her fingers on the wooden table and swayed her black boots to and fro. Her eyes locked onto Ari’s but fortunately for her her fate had already been sealed by the time she did that. Uneasiness came over her face, the woman quickly back out of her seat and turn to run. Her body smacked right into Ari’s who was now in front of her and put one finger to her lips. The red haired woman didn’t hesitate to pull out a knife and swing it toward in Ari’s direction. A small tap on the thief’s shoulder caused her to check her behind her for a second, a chilling recognition stopped her dead in her tracks.

“What, what’s going on here?! Stay back!” The confused woman wrapped her arm around a nearby man’s neck dragging him with her, “I have a hostage and I will kill him!” Her shaky hands somehow managed to hold the knife almost steady next to the man’s head, his eyes lacked pupils yet were wide and he was grasping for breath. He gave one final wheeze and his body slowly turned into dust. The man’s remains swirled at her feet this locked them in place. As much as the woman budged her feet wouldn’t come free from the dust. Frantic with fear she swung her knife every which way but her target wasn’t in sight, she was all alone in the restaurant. Ari flickered to life in front of the girl and without delay snatched her knife from her.

“I want to hear you scream on the count of three, okay? 1… 2…” Much too excited for the outcome Ari plunged the knife into the woman’s chest over, over and over again. Blood coated Ari’s face like it had just been freshly painted. The thief hadn’t stopped screaming, every time the knife went deeper and deeper into her chest the louder and louder she yelled. Her eyes were squeezed shut then she opened them to realize she was still in the restaurant. She was standing upright and her mouth was gagged with a cotton towel. There wasn’t any blood on her clothes but she was still restrained but it was only her hands.

“Boo!” Ari waved her hands in front of the girl’s face. “That was fun wasn’t it?!” In reality she had summoned her Arcana Power the moment she locked eyes with the girl who began to run away. She quickly created an illusion that only affected the girl and no one else in the restaurant. Despite Ari’s eagerness to hear her beg for her life she had to suppress the fun otherwise the other customers would have their lunch ruined. Normally she preferred to have space to do her craft but crowded areas worked just as well in unusual circumstances. She’d much rather do a thorough illusion where she could retract information from the person in custody but this was just an inconvenience. Petty thieves wouldn’t further her intellect and she knew she shouldn’t have to deal with it anyway. Ari latched onto the towel that tied the red head’s hands together and pushed her forward causing her to walk out the store.

“Let’s say good-bye here!” She shoved the thief to the ground and retrieved the money that she had stolen by digging through her pants pockets. As soon as she saw that she had only gathered a very minimal amount Ari laughed, “When you wake up, I hope your friends haven’t left you.” The tattoo on Ari’s back lit up once more and simultaneously the woman became entranced. She’d released the illusion once she felt as if enough damage had been done. Now, she needed to gather her shoes and head back to the mansion after all it was partying time!

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