Thread: FireRed hack: FireRed 649 Patch
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    Absol-utely Glameow-rous... I'm sorry, I could not help meowth... I mean myself! hahaha

    In all seriousness...

    This patch is absolutely beautiful and a glamorous addition to the tools hackers of FR are offered.
    Lets ignore the fact that this project is a massive undertaking in and of itself...

    The implications of having an astounding base such as this are just amazing. I'm almost dumbfounded by it. Almost. We are now a stone's throw away from having complete control over our own Pokemon games because of you. Any individual, once we have the movesets perfected, bugs exterminated, and a Wild Pokemon editor that works with this patch, will be capable of making their own complete and updated Pokemon game. In addition, this is good and bad both, we can start seeing further expansions designed based on this patch that will allow users to add even more Pokemon for future generation games as well as officially create their own region with completely new Pokemon without compromising any of the real Pokemon. This could be quite beneficial and so I applaud you!