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This problem is really pissing me off and I can't find a solution for it.

Okay, so I have two interior maps. One is a Pokémon Center, the other is just an ordinary interior house. The interior house shares the map footer of other interior maps, and both the Pokémon Center, interior house, and other maps that share the interior map's footer, look fine in Advance Map. However, when I go in-game, either the Pokémon Center appears to be the interior house with the same movement permissions as the interior house but the correct events of the Pokémon Center. So I followed diegoisawesome's tutorial, here, and it appeared to have fixed the Pokémon Center, and it had.

Except now the interior house appears to be the Pokémon Center and has the same movement permissions but with the interior house's correct events.

I keep repointing the footer, trying to reinsert the map anew, and each time they are still linked. If it helps, the Pokémon Center's map is (6.1) and the interior house I have trouble with is (6.7). I am genuinely puzzled, I've tried tweaking like every byte in both of the maps' footers AND headers, but to no avail.

Any ideas?

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