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Amy's Neighborhood Ruins


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Chapter One:
Neighborhood Ruins

Part Five

"... Th-thank you... I haven't eaten in quite a while." The man adjusted his glasses, speaking between eating. One of the lenses in his glasses was cracked, and he wore a white lab coat that seems to be very dirty. A black undershirt was visible as well, and tan jeans with a few tears in them. He seemed pale and disheveled and often lost in thought. He immediately turned his attention back to the smaller girl. "So, Amethyst... What are you doing here? I thought your parents sent you to--" He seemed to catch himself mid-sentence and just stopped speaking.

Amethyst responded very assertively, though there was no doubt shock and surprise in her expression. "What?? What do you know about that??" Her hair started to flutter up and hover partially, and she clenched her fists with a look of determination. "Tell me what you know, Blaine. /Now/." Amy gritted her teeth, and sharp fangs gleamed along her teeth.

The man just looked sort of taken aback. It was only now that he'd acknowledged the other two wielders. "I-I-uh... Come with me, and I'll explain everything." He gestured toward another ruined house on the street, directly across from Amy's. If Lucy were to touch Amy at this moment, she'd feel tenseness and a sort of energy about her.

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