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    It seems like everyone is voting for samurott, but I think carracoasta is the better and the way more underrated of the two(for my team at least). Iol, its shellsmash set even made it to The Smog. It is also more versatile(again, IMO) because it can be quite the tank with access to SR, base 108 attack, excellent base 112 defense, and fantastic ability in solid rock. It can also go on the offensive, having access to arguably the best boosting move in shell smash and having a good movepool and better offenses to abuse the movepool. While Samurott is walled by tangela(for physical sets) and ludicolo( for special sets), Carracoasta can run a mixed attacking set easily because of its gigantic attacking stats after a SS and the movepool. Try carracoasta out guys, I promise you it won't disappoint you :]
    Hax is supposed to happen. Scald has a 100% burn rate(willowisp w/ perfect accuracy); paralysis has a 75% chance of kicking in; Rock slide misses more than stone edge; Hustle= 50% more power at the cost of 100% accuracy.
    I get haxed a lot and the hax gods who are the gods of hax hate me I'm sad :[
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