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    Originally Posted by carmaniac View Post
    When it comes to party.length, it literally is just that, checking the length of the party. if it's >=1 it's seeing if the party length is 1 or higher. The 0 being 1 logic however, applies to the number of the party, i.e $[0] being the first Pokémon. Found that out the hard way on the length checks when I was getting errors calling the Pokémon into a menu XD.
    OH! Now I see what you mean. I derp.

    Heheh, well at least that's the beauty of scripting. You get an error, and you fix it... rinse and repeat until you get it right.

    But anyway, I love the way this thread has been organized, and makes viewing common functions easy. This is an amazing reference sheet in a way. I'm definitely subscribing to this thread.

    Good work on this man.

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