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We now have enough participants to continue!

Season 1 has begun! This also means that the primary tournament has started.

Originally Posted by Wolflare View Post
• The primary tournament is round-robin, but users don't fight their own team members. Basically, members must complete one match everyone else on the opposing teams. Every team starts with a score of 100 points. Each match won by a user earns their team 10 points, and each match lost by a user drops their team's score by 10. If a team's score reaches zero, they are disqualified until next season. Once everyone has battled each other, the primary tournament ends. The four teams with the most points move onto the playoffs (all teams move onto the playoffs if there's four or less total teams).
Basically, you have to have one battle with everyone that's not on your team. Please keep your battle results in one single post (it just needs to include "won/lost vs "). Simple enough, eh? View the first post for more details on teams and rules. Keep in mind that any of this may change for the purpose of ironing out some issues. Also, statistics will kept for every team just for fun.

Everyone has until January 11th to complete their matches. Please do not procrastinate so that I don't have to give out extensions. If a member takes too long to finish a battle, they may be at risk of losing points for their team. Good luck everyone!