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Originally Posted by TRIFORCE89 View Post
I don't know. I got through the first four books when I was the only one reading this series at my school. I think one person was reading book 5, but I waited a couple of weeks for school to end until I picked it up.

In high school, I knew others who read the books. But it didn't strengthen my appreciation of the books. Also, a couple were diehard fans and I had no idea what they were talking about most of the time.

I simply liked to read them. I liked reading on my terms. I enjoyed the movies. But I was never fanatical on either account.

The books are classics and they were fun to read.
I think you must have enjoyed the books more than I do then. Maybe I'm just a snob, but there are a lot of things I've enjoyed which I know aren't that great and which I enjoy more because I'm sharing them with people. I think that's the primary enjoyment I get out of at least 50% of the things I read/watch/play.

Not that I'm saying HP isn't good (because Andy would, I dunno, set my hair on fire or something), but there are a lot of other series I've read that I enjoyed on my own and would read again (like Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials books). I don't really feel like I'll pick up HP for a long time, if ever.