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For me, it's-

Bleach- skip
Naruto- skip
Thundercats- watch (as much as I don't want to)
Samurai 7- watch
Sym-Bionic Titan- watch
Eureka Seven- watch
Tenchi Muyo GXP- skip
FMA Brotherhood- watch

I go to bed after FMA:B, although now that they have Tenchi coming on before it, it's possible that I wont bother with it anymore since I've seen it already. And as much as I love FMA, I absolutely cannot stand Tenchi. It got old after the first five minutes of nothing but "LET'S INFLICT PAIN UPON THE PROTAGONIST EVERY OTHER SECOND ISN'T IT FUNNY AHAHA OH AND HERE'S SOME FANSERVICE TOO LAWL". really, REALLY wants to be good, but it's not. All of the characters except for Panthro are annoying, the voice acting is terrible and shows absolutely no emotion in the characters, and it has a nasty tendency of forgetting about the plot for several episodes and then suddenly bringing it back up after a long period of time, by which time people will have completely forgotten about it (and that's assuming people care to try to remember it in the first place). And then there's the mechs and guns that really don't belong in the show in the first place...but then that part is probably just me being so attached to the original series.

As for the funding thing, yeah, it's an issue. Not as much as it was back when it started back in May, but it's still pretty limited. The people who work on Toonami apparently don't even get paid to work on it, except for Steve Blum (voice of TOM).

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