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Xoxaa Illiphia

The High Priestess

The older woman placed her gaze on Xoxaa, the clumsy teenager who intersected her. Xoxaa's face was blank, anticipating the woman's next action. Her rear remained firmly planted on the ground, while the other woman rose herself, approaching the girl casually and extending her palm to her, smiling in a friendly manner.

"Xoxaa; I see you're eager to get to work," the woman chuckled slightly in her speech.

The woman's reaction was unusual, at least according to what Xoxaa was used to. Normally, making unsolicited physical contact with another person was something others would get deeply offended by, and she could understand that sentiment, not wanting to grace her skin with the embrace of another's in most circumstances. Her head shifted upwards towards the woman, her warm reaction causing Xoxaa's cheeks to redden a little in embarrassment, as well as her being unaccustomed to and not well adapted to someone's direct hospital acknowledgement of her. She was also placing her eyes directly upon her, a pressurizing gesture to make towards someone, even if the acknowledging has only the best of intentions. Xoxaa couldn't help but look away slightly, unable to meet the woman's glance, so she focused on the woman's hand, politely offering her a convenient means to return to her feet. She rose, accepting the hand, meeting the woman at full height, who was at least a few inches taller than her. Xoxaa inspected the woman carefully with her eyes so as to not be caught performing unusual behavior, absorbing the appearance, mannerisms, posture, and other discernible details about this woman, further familiarizing herself with this woman that she had only seen occasionally and didn't really know her too well.

"In fact... Wait, who is she exactly anyway?" questioned Xoxaa internally, still unacquainted with the woman's real identity.

"Sorry for running into you, but the matter of thieves is still present..." uttered the older woman, causing Xoxaa to jolt, startled as she was torn out of her mental realm of thought and analysis.

Sighing, Xoxaa contemplates what has happened thus far, pondering, "She probably thinks I'm a nervous wreck now. I ran into her, I couldn't make eye contact with her, I spaced out and she probably noticed that fact, I got startled, and I don't even know her name!"

Blinking a few times in a second, she looks up to assure the woman that she's paying attention, only to find herself cut off from speaking, unable to conjure up a response. Struggling for a few moments, Xoxaa couldn't held but shift her gaze slightly to the ground. She effectively became a mute for a few moments, mentally paralyzed by an odd compilation of events. Finally, she stutters, struggling to offer up a response to the best of her ability.


Altering her glance towards the pier beyond the woman, the ship up ahead, after a few moments to reflect on it gave Xoxaa a reminder. The thief the guards had chased had boarded that ship, and seemed poised to soon depart from the harbor if nothing was done. Normally, Xoxaa would've bolted in pursuit of the enemy, but the presence of this woman forced her to remain still, unsure if the woman would accept her abruptly and rudely ignoring her presence to take care of a worsening problem occurring behind them. She was immediately torn, knowing that someone has to stop the criminal, but she was helpless, accidentally trapping herself in a complicated social obstacle with no win-win solution that Xoxaa could determine. All she could do was wait for the woman to act somehow, Xoxaa remaining still, her glance looking away while her hands held each other behind, both hands resting softly on her rear. Despite having reached a point of independence in her life, Xoxaa still could barely outmaneuver such obstacles like the one she stupidly got caught up in.
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