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    Fillers, Non Canon, etc. These things are not related to the plot or manga. Some can be funny to make us like the characters more, while some just make like stupid choices, like in the first anime of FMA, it's filler from the manga a lot, even from the first half it had some noticeable differences and a lot of filler episodes at the beginning(except the light novel episodes). Not to mention the movie, I found it ridiculous. I know that Brotherhood had like a little of filler, but it relates to the manga, like episode 1.

    But what do you think of fillers? Do they distract you from the main plot of the manga/anime? Do they entertain or hook you? Do they often annoy you, i.e: Bount Arc in Bleach, OMG, the first filler I've ever seen, and the worst. I wanted to skip it so badly in July, but I just had to finish all 40 episodes of it and I wasted 30% of my summer vacation because of it. And do you get excited when there's like new characters that seem a bit interesting?
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