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Leilani Estefania Juarez Garcia
Floor 6 - Circleshore | Level: 13

The ginger-haired girl kept staring at the ocean, where Leila had fallen towards. After saving her from the fierce giant sea dragon that almost chewed her to bits and bytes, she felt very lucky to be alive. Without someone like Leila, her fate would be known.

A splash was heard from close by. A wet and dripping Leila left the beach and onto the sand. Her boots were squishy with salt water inside of them, and taking a few steps gathered up as much sand as the water could. The female player ran up to the exhausted Leila to reward her with a hug, her eyes filled with tears.

“Oh, you miss! Thank you, thank you!” She cried, “Without your company, I would've died!”

I would have died. Leila thought as the woman lets go of her, her armor and clothing got wet after hugging for a short time. “Well, I didn't want to see anyone in danger. That dragon was pretty big.”

“You...look young too.” The woman then gave a glance at Leila's face, hair, armor, clothing, and her boots. Her aqua blue eyes shined from the rising sun right on top of them. “How old are you?”

“I'm...I'm 17” Leila scratched her wet hair. It was silky and soft, but now it became hard to manage.

“You are young and powerful. And your face looked very familiar too. Maybe I'm probably seeing things. I'm sorry.” The woman apologized and tried walking away. She had someone in mind. Someone Leila should probably know, but how? Leila knew no one, everyone she knew was dead.

“I really don't know what you're saying, but I don't know anyone here now. I'm just a lone player trying to become a powerful player.” Leila looked down to her muddy boots.

“Again, I'm sorry.” The woman apologized. “Listen, I'll take you to my home, and you can get yourself cleaned up, how's that?”

It was true, Leila did need to get herself cleaned up. She felt cold. Her red cape was hard to wear due to the excess water, and the shoes too. She nodded at the ginger haired lady and smiled. “Okay. I will.”

She smiled, “Alright! Have you ever been to Dovren City?”

“'s probably one of those new floors I haven't been in yet.” Leila shook her head ad the two women started walking.

The ginger-haired woman took out a teleportation crystal and squeezed it inside the palm of her right hand. “Take out your crystal if you have one. I'll take you to Dovren City. I live there.”

Leila agreed. She saved this woman and now she's trusting her. It was about time for her to make friends already. Taking out her crystal from one of her dagger pockets, she held it with her left hand, as her right hand was held by the woman.

“Teleport, Dovren City!”
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