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Chris ran up to Professor Oak,many questions floating in his mind. Before he could say anything, though, the Professor smiled and did the talking. "I'm glad to see you made it safely," he said, "and, don't worry, the rest of the professors and I traveled together. We had our own means of transport to the city." Suddenly, to Chris' surprise, his voice adopted a serious tone, "Thankfully, both of you are here. We'll be ready to leave soon."

"Who else is going with us?" Chris asked, but the professor didn't speak, but simply pointed towards a girl walking in their direction. Chris watched the girl, kinda dumb-founded. Ivy noticed this and nudged his leg from behind his knee, causing a quick jerk around to keep steady. He felt kinda embarrassed about it and looked from her to the professor. "So, Professor," Chris asked, "where are we heading first?"

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