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    I tried out the hack and was pleasantly suprprised how good the hack really is. All the scripting is done in a great way - I liked how starter pokemon wasn't just handed over to you and how you got it (if you guys haven't been that creative, it would have just been given for player's "16th Geburtstag" like stated in the game).

    The reason why I actually tried it was to see how much I could understand of it, I have been studying german for three years way back then (7 years ago?) and surprisingly, was able to keep up with most of the dialogue which wasn't displayed during the bigger scenes (like that meteor-event). Images do tell more than 1000 words. For ones waiting for an english translation, try it out before doing so! You won't miss anything and who knows, you may actually be able to keep up with what's going on.

    One complaint though, it's probably just due to lack of understanding but when that meteor event (with the interview) was almost over, that scientist type of a guy tells you you can go to see him again at his house in the town while you're actually supposed to deliver the "item" (can't remember its name) to "Vater" (dad) there.
    To me, it didn't make any sense why you couldn't head back to the hometown right away, especially because finding the house of the scientist and talking to him served no real purpose related to the game. He just gave you that "experience thing" (Exp. Share?).

    Also, I wasn't so fond of Deoxys doing something totally random in there but that's just me...

    But yeah, it was great so far (I pretty much quitted for now, maybe continue it again at some point).

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