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    Originally Posted by Bela View Post
    Yeah, LP away! I love the voices you did during that video. Dewgong gong gong =P

    Today I'm sharing something I've been wanting to do for quite some time. The side-scrolling perspective is something I had planned to do for this hack some months ago, and I finally got around to drawing something to capture that perspective in a map.

    One such area to use this style is the Silver Isles. I think this is a nice way to properly represent what I envision the pillar islands look like. This perspective will be used for the exterior parts when you exit from the Silver Isles' main cave areas, including where you'll find the legendary bird Pokemon (as you can see).

    I plan to use this side-scrolling perspective in two more areas: the Emerald Bridge and a cave area on Route 665 where you climb up the interior of the mountainside.

    Thanks! I'll be sure to keep them up then! lol I really enjoy what you're doing with the game! Just ignore my complaining, most of it is just me being ridiculous and blaming stupid things. :p
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