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    HOLY **** ON A SHINGLE.....just watched the new Man of Steel Trailor....
    In my opinion the best comic book movie trailor of all time....even beating the Dark knight rises...

    Ok I get it....superman was originally created during times of depression and war....when all people needed was a positive message and a happy ending. The superman of that age spoke to the needs and experiences of a different generation of people who needed one thing...HOPE.

    However, times do change and once the war had ended and the great depression was behind them, every writer to interpret and re-interpret the superman character always seemed to have the need to conform him to the "needs" of the past....hence we had a generation of rebels who were stuck with a "goody two shoes" superman. It was natural that superman became "boring" and "mundane" and all those cool words that make you seem like you have a doctorate in the English language.


    That doesn't have to be the end-all-be-all of the most famous superhero of all time.
    Smallville was the beginning step in a journey to making superman relevant to today's audiences and I feel that the upcoming movie "man of steel" will complete that journey and give us our first look at this generation's superman.

    If you take a look at my sig pic, you will see one interpretation of "today's superman".....he has the modern look and just seems like he is done shaking hands and kissing babies, even though he isn't done being the saviour of the masses!

    Some people might feel that the "original" superman should remain and not be tampered with,but these same people rally behind Chris Nolan's Dark knight without realising that the original Batman created by Bob kane was anything but dark (watch the 1960 Batman movie), and that only through interpretation and re-interpretation of the character, was our beloved, hardcore, badass, Batman born!

    So, before you jump on the "boring character" bandwagon, just because Supes isn't human, try to understand that we can relate to superman just as much as Batman if you see them as symbols and not literal figures...

    batman resembles the journey of loss and coping with loss and turning your anger into strength....whilst superman deals with being an outcast and being made to feel like you're a monster just because you're different...also superman speaks to every person out there who struggles to find their place in life and who constantly feels alien.

    From the little I saw in the trailor, it looks like alot of work has gone into exploring superman's mindset and how he deals with being different and being rejected because you're different.....Superman is someone I can relate to personally, being an orphan and being treated like a freak just because I was different...people always assumed the worst in me because I didn't have any parents so I "didn't know any better"....and that stuck with me my entire I speak from experience when i say that, we all can relate to the Superman character in our own way, we just need to forget about the super for a minute and look at the man himself...
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