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    Bay nodded to the man who showed his appreciation for the food. The girl who asked of his opinion of her outfit looked slightly disappointed in his response.

    "So, Amethyst... What are you doing here? I thought your parents sent you to--"
    "What? What do you know about that?"

    Bay's ears perked up as he now knew something was up, and moreover, the company in his presence was hiding something that he knew wasn't any of his business. He leaned his body to walk away until he heard the small girl speak again.

    "Tell me what you know, Blaine. Now."

    She flaunted her teeth towards the man whose face changed it's expression upon the sight of the fangs that appeared to glitter. Her hair raised ?super saiyan? making her look menacing. Bay looked in the direction of the blonde girl who appeared to be treating the situation at hand pretty lightly.

    The strange man beckoned us to follow and the little girl, Amethyst followed and the blond girl behind. Bay, unsure as to whether or not this will be safe, lagged behind for a few seconds then .uneasily followed them.

    "Aren't you treating this a little bit too leniently?" he said to the girl as he caught up to her, unsure if he should still follow but curiousity got the best of him.

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