Thread: Ruby hack: Pokemon Dark Rage
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    Seems interesting. I'm going to try it out once you release it. Be sure to let me know when the Beta is ready, but I'll try and check in on this often.

    Not to be a neigh-sayer or anything... but you have Dark Gyarados in this, which I get is an existing Pokemon in the TCG, and the idea existed in XD Gale of Darkness... But doesn't a colorful sprite version contradict not only with the name but with the no Fakemon comment? Just curious.
    To all people who I was trying to help: my computer has encountered a major virus wiping out all of my emulators and related files. My computer and USB drives are in critical condition as far as infection. Please forgive me for any work you were hoping I could do for you, but I don't even have the files for the original games anymore. So for now, I have to resign from work until my computer gets cleaned. I will try to return to hacking as soon as I can, but it may not be for a while.

    UPDATE: My computer and devices are cleaned, but atm, I do NOT have access to my hack tools. I can not hack for anyone including myself. My apologies to anyone this inconveniences.