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Originally Posted by Livewire View Post
The Snyder/Nolan film should rectify this part. The point of Superman originally, (before those horrible follow-up movies to the original) was that even though he was an alien and not human, he still had human failings and flaws. And from what's been seen so far, that's the theme that Man of Steel has taken.
I really hope this movie is able to accurately portray that aspect of his character. I'm not a fan of Nolan's movies, I thought Batman Begins was just okay and I don't like the other two's a little disheartening to see this film sticking so close to that style, but as long as it keeps some of that optimistic Superman style, I think it'll be a decent movie. You can make a good Superman film without needing to be essentially Nolan's Superman. Superman doesn't and shouldn't need to be a copy of the recent Batman movies, but he does need to be moved away from the movies that are already out there about him. Heck, you can make a good Superman story about Superman's moral fiber and still portray it in a believable manner with merit to what he believes. Just look at the What's So Funny About Truth, Justice & the American Way? storyline from the comics. With that story we got an unapologetic look at what Superman is and why he believes the things he does - and I think that's the key to making a good Superman film, having the audience understand him. I think that's the key difference between the Superman and Batman movies. The Batman movies moved with the times and took aspects from the different, recent stories and used those to craft a fairly modern view of the character.

The modern Superman mythos has a ton of great stuff you can pull from, but the popular mindset is still stuck on the Golden Age view of Superman and, unlike other characters, has been so unwilling to move beyond that. There are a ton of modern Superman stories to pull from. War of the Supermen, Death of Superman, and one that I especially think would make for a great movie, Grounded.

Giving Superman depth isn't a new thing, he's not been this unbeatable god-like character in the longest time. I guess people just haven't made the effort to search those stories out in comic form.
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