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Originally Posted by Livewire View Post
To be fair though, D.C. not only predates Marvel, but the Justice League Movie, as well as the next wave of D.C. movies, has been in the works far longer that it was supposed to. Going on 7-8 years now. They got screwed over by the writers strike a few years back and from some logistical errors by the studios.
I'm not just meaning the movies, I'm also talking about the roots of Superman: the comic books. As you should well know, I'm an avid fan of comics, D.C in particular, and Superman and his stories have just never interested me. I think it's a long standing personal distaste of the Man in Tights that's stopping me from getting excited about this movie, though, as you say in the next paragraph, the failures/campyness of the other Superman movies is a factor in why I'm not excited for this movie as well.

Hopefully the new trailer should rectify this!

The way I see it, people think Superman boring because we've always had the campy, G-Rated, idealized version of Superman portrayed in films. Similar to how the Batman franchise used to be. Throw in several bad films, and the franchise suffers for awhile. And we all know how well Mr. Nolan rectified Batman's kiddie and soft persona, so expect the same thing here.
There are many dark episodes in Superman's history to explore and consequently exploit, so I hope Nolan is able to get the dark side of Superman just right.
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