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    Updates: I finally discovered "labels" (I know, took me long enough) and how to use them so the harbor now lets you go back to the first selection screen after choosing any of the "nevermind" options. Say you picked the Bug-Ghost option, but wanted Poison, before you would have to talk to him again but no longer! (Once I release the next beta either 3.1 or 4.0).

    Also I have added the evaluate pokedex option to Professor Juniper in the lab of the Big City and she hands out the Achievement Tokens for the pokedex requirements. They are in the list of achievements on the original post if you want to know the number. I don't want to spoil it for people who don't want to know. Working on getting the Female Assistant to hand over the unown token but I need help first, so I'll do that as soon as I get an answer or just make that token into something else.

    Here's the Juniper pokedex evaluation and failure to get a token screens.

    Edit: Since I shouldn't post so soon after I just did, here's another update! I'm a workaholic today (lol). Anyway, here's a couple screenshots to show off what I did in the last hour.
    It has to do with the fossil dig site

    Edit two: Second day;
    I just got the professor's assistant to give out an achievement token for seeing all species of unown. I was going to have it captured, but I can't get the scripts to work so I'm going to add in a second prize for catching them whenever I can get it to work. Need proof? Good thing I took a screenshot! :D


    Edit 3: I feel like I should just wait and tell you guys in a few days ... .-. oh well.
    I am changing the battle backgrounds for the Arena now, they will all look like the Arena they are in and match the platform you talk to the trainers on. Picture proof? Take this! *this is Level 15 electric arena, the current one I'm testing, may or may not test the ones before this but it shouldn't require it anyway*


    I'll just save the rest of the updates for another post in about a week or so. Yay, life! I also don't think I said this earlier... but I fixed the Game corner reward people so they send you back to the beginning of the conversation if you choose any of the nevermind options, and I added in the air balloon item. (HM Items will be 500 coins each and have one use so use them carefully) I also made the stand for the Legendary Statues but they don't look very good >.> maybe I'll post it or maybe I won't, I might try to fix it but I'm not so great at scratch spriting.
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