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Yuri frowned. She stood up and started to pace around nervously. Lumina started to follow the pup. "What's wrong?" she asked. Yuri shook her head. "Nothing... I don't want to talk about it." Lumina frowned. "Why not? Molly sighed and picked up the Litwick with Psychic. She looked at Heracross. "Kayla got attacked by a Scyther last night..." She looked at Yuri, who glared at her. "But we really shouldn't talk about this," Molly whispered. "Yuri doesn't like to talk about this."

Primrose sighed. "At least he's okay..." She looked at Rosemary, who had stopped laughing. "Okay... I'll stop laughing." She looked at Lucas. "Hey, wait for me!" She ran after him. Primrose sighed. "That Skitty," she muttered. "Wait for me, Rose!" She ran after the hyper kitten.

Kayla closed her eyes and hugged the tree tighter. "You're in your happy place," she muttered. "You're not in a forest where things are waiting to kill you..." Holly sighed. "This is ridiculous... When it comes to finding the answer to a difficult question, you can do that easily... But walking into a forest? Nope. It's impossible." Kayla glared at her. "And what about you? You're scared of... of basically life! If it weren't for you, then I wouldn't even be here! I wouldn't have to be in this forest! So do me a favor and stop annoying me!" Holly glared at her. Sometimes you're annoying...
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