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    Originally Posted by Wynchester View Post
    Seems interesting. I'm going to try it out once you release it. Be sure to let me know when the Beta is ready, but I'll try and check in on this often.

    Not to be a neigh-sayer or anything... but you have Dark Gyarados in this, which I get is an existing Pokemon in the TCG, and the idea existed in XD Gale of Darkness... But doesn't a colorful sprite version contradict not only with the name but with the no Fakemon comment? Just curious.
    The version of Dark Gyardos I have posted is just the first version. I don't consider Dark Gyarados a fakemon due to the fact that it was a part of the Trading Card Game. It was endorsed by the pokemon company, therefor, it is a pokemon. I was unaware of XD Gale of Darkness' idea. I've honestly never even heard the name.
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