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    Tobi Lomborte
    The Sun

    Tobi inspired by Oda's challenging words starts to patrol of the docks out to the of the coast. He figured all the thieves that haven't made it to the awaiting vessel must be on their way utilizing the quickest route. He kept a watchful eye for anyone that could be lurking around a corner as a means to allude the young member of the Sword. But honestly he hadn't had a mission this unorganized before. Tobi was used to be given orders and carrying them out to the best of his ability, but of which didn't apply now as he had to make his own decisions.

    However, Tobi's wandering mind abruptly descended back down to Earth as a sudden barking erupted from behind causing him to instinctively clutch the handle of his sword. To his relief it was only Anna's dog barking with glee at the sight of the familiar person he was sent off to find. Kneeling down Tobi caresses the panting dog's chin with his palm. "Hey! What are you doing here?? You're making too much noise...". Tobi's voice trails off when he spots a letter attached to the collar. Taking the rugged parchment and unfolding it, the appearance of some sort of map was drawn of his general location. Not knowing exactly what to do with it he issues the dog do walk alongside him as he ventures down the wide streets following of what he thinks the directions are instructing him to go.

    * * *

    Upon reaching the state of feeling utterly lost, Tobi approaches a vacant market of which its material lie in numerous barrels. Sighing heavily and inhaling the air with a notion of failure, Tobi makes a turn back down toward the bay but Anna's dog remains at the market-stand sniffing the barrels seeming intrigued. "Come, we don't have time for this...". However the persistent canine wouldn't budge and instead prodded his snout into one of the holes on a barrel. Followed by murmuring noises, dog promptly snags a bit of cloth in his teeth causing whatever was in the wooden container to shake madly until collapsing over, shattering, and revealing the ugly mug of one of the thieves(who was gorging himself apples within the barrel).

    "Gah?!" The man sputtered, as he scrambled to his feet and unsheathed his sword. "You good for nothing kid! You'll pay for ruining my outfit!"

    Composed, Tobi quickly reveals his own sword from his scabbard as well. "That's all your worried about? Sigh, people like you make me sick."

    "Your gonna be allot worse then that when i'm through with you!!" Upon uttering his last word, rather unintelligently, he makes a wild swipe with his sword that clashes with titanium of Tobi's blade. The obvious difference in skill was painfully apparent as the duel wore on. Each attack the man made was swiftly parried and deflected followed by a fierce counter-attack by Tobi. The counter strikes, not lethal yet nipping at the thieve's clothes seeming to taunt him, making a mockery of his sloppiness, and take advantage his building rage. "You think your funny HUH?!". His blade plunges down overhead like a madman, the serrated edge glints against the sunlight.

    Tobi taking a deep breathe empowers his blade with vigorous energy of his arcana and as his sword meets with its adversary's, it crashes straight through the metal of the opposing sword leaving it in clanging tatters, and its owner completely dumbfounded and terrified. "Enough...I'm taking you in." Though his words were brave, he did not now how the man would react now put into a desperate position.

    Sure enough, with a low grunt the man pulled a throwing knife from his back pocket and glared it in front of Tobi, as an animal bares its fangs. "D-Dont make me hurt you!". The man stuttered has he ever so slightly took a step back. Tobi then smirks and takes two stances forward cornering the man. At that point the pathetic vandal was glancing in all directions for a way out. Then, out of the corner of his eye he sees Anna's dog(who was gazing from afar), the one that exposed him, but more importantly, a way out of this predicament. He then raises the knife in aim for the canine.

    Tobi, ready to deflect the blade of which he thought was aimed at himself until he follows the cowardly man's eyes to the direction of Anna's dog. With split second thinking he extends the sword to the full length of his arm deflecting the airborne knife with the tip of his blade, and in one swift motion does a 360 spin and reels around to deliver an energized knockout punch to the hurler. "Huff...Huff..." Catching his breathe, Tobi sheaths his sword and is greeting by Anna's dog who starts to sniff the unconscious man on the ground up and down. "Yea...we'd better get going." Cuffing, then grabbing the collar of his target he starts his walk back to the dock. However his pride in catching the villain was quickly replaced with anxiety of the events taking place not within his presence.
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