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I'm still not understanding how getting a Revive from a man in the Game Freak building is a hint. There are a lot of things that have been posted in this thread that are considered more of hints than that. I understand that "I'm thinking of a game" is a good sign, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's thinking of an RS remake. Could be gen VI, you know. I'd love it if it was an RS remake, but that's not solid enough to mean it's an absolute hint. It's kind of vague, so I'm not taking it as such, along with most of the things pointed out before it.

Edit: Ah. Thinking of a new game. Revive. Reviving a game and making it new. i c wut u did thar. Though I haven't taken anything as a hint so far anyway, so I'm still gonna be stubborn on it lol. Clever observation though.

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