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    Well i know it could be a hint to any previous games. Heck if 5 months ago i told you that gf was gonna put out a two part follow up for the 3rd gen instalment i would have got laughed at and called crazy. The reason why i lean towards rse is because it would be really convenient for the graphic designers to just touch up over the bw2 package... really the only tiles i see missing g are the rse tiles for that cave with all the lunatone and solrock... plus the old winter house in iccurus town that the ex rocket member was living in in bw has been replaced with an ex magma and ex aqau member in bw2. Not only the tiles butbthey could also manipulate the snow from bw2/bw and that could be sut with just changing itbto a darker grey. Im just saying. It would be easy for them to put out rse. The maps nd sprites are pretty much finished. The pwc has provided the hoenn gym leader sprites an all. Now thwy could turn it over to the script and story development while the graphic te and polemon designers work on gen 6 at the same time... they will be making money while making money from bw2 while still making money from bw all atvthe same time working on making even more money. Thats a business module that i suredyb will fit into those guys work style. Not to try and call them greedy but heck be greedy the more greedy they are the more pokemon games for me

    Sorry for bad grammar... touch screen

    I meant a two part follow up for the 5th gen 3rd installment lol
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