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    Being a Trainer 101
    Sarah Morgan- Route 101

    “What’s that!” Sarah gasped looking at the territorial little pup growling at her, very cautiously removing her pokedex she was at least able to see what it was. “A Poochena eh” she said very cautiously moving back to her bag, it was on the ground right next to the sleeping Hera. “Crap!” she screamed. The young pup instantly began charging with a tackle attack.
    “HERA!” the mammoth bug Pokémon dropped down in front of Sarah ready to go. “I forgot you were over there” Sarah said, giving her companion a slight smirk. “Hera use Nightslash” Sarah commanded.

    Heracross once again, dipped its head low and fired a series of dark sickled attacks at the small pup. Poochena took the attack, seemingly unaffected by it. “What, that didn’t do anything” she gasped, trying to figure out what was wrong.

    “GET OUT OF HERE YA MUTT!!!!” an old man screamed, scaring off the pup. “Hey, I was going to catch that!” Sarah snapped; turning to the white haired man. “You were about to take a beating, using a dark type move on a dark type pokemon is a no go young lady” the old man said, handing Hera an apple.

    “Listen, if you’re going to be a Pokémon trainer, then you have to understand the basics of Pokémon training young lady” the old man said again placing his hands behind his back.
    “What do you know; you’re just a senile old man!” Sarah hissed, commanding Hera to follow behind her. “Nope, you’re just a stubborn and confused woman trying to find her place in this world” he said, strapping the hat of an abbot.
    “W-Wait…” Sarah said, halting the old-timer in his tracks. “Teach me what I need to know…” she said, letting loose a deep sigh. Her first win against Xin gave her almost too much confidence. The old man took a seat, pressing his brittle spine against a tree.

    “Since you have some battle wherewithal, I’ll start with the basics. Catch Pokémon using Poke balls. Up to six can be in your party. Before throwing a Poke ball, weaken the target first. A poisoned or burned Pokémon is easier to catch. Some moves may cause confusion; confusion may make a Pokémon attack itself. Leaving battle clears up any confusion, People who catch and use POKEMON in battle are POKEMON trainers. They are expected to visit POKEMON GYMS and defeat other trainers.”
    He explained, whilst closing his eyes. “Now then, Your Heracross is a dual type Pokémon; meaning it has characteristics of two different styles. “On one side it is a bug Pokémon, and on the other it is a fighting Pokémon” he continued.

    “But I thought you said, Nights slash was a dark type move…” Sarah said, placing her hands on her hips somewhat confused. “Indeed I did, but pokemon can also learn different move types as well; I just pointed out to you that Heracross was both a fighting and bug type pokemon right?” He asked, pointing at Hera.
    “Yeah….” Sarah replied, with her eyebrows knitted together. “Heracross has wings, which means” the old man started before Sarah finished.

    “Which means, she can also learn flying type moves too!” she said, glancing down at the old man. “Precisely, there is a school in Rustboro city that can teach you more, but this should be enough to send you on your way” the old man said, once again standing to his feet.
    “Oh, I almost forgot; if you use your pokedex you can see what moves your Pokémon knows” the old man said again. Sarah pointed her pokedex down to Hera. “Wow, Nightslash, Endure, and Fury Attack”

    “Be forewarned young trainer, not everyone in this good ole land of Hoenn will aid you on your quest. There has been talk of people going around stealing Pokémon…” the old man said, leaning on his stick.
    “Someone can try to steal Hera if they want to, but I’ll send them straight to the emergency room” she said, looking down at Hera.
    From behind them, Hera could hear what sounded like a bunch of ruckus inside the tall grass. “Huh, what’s that…?” Sarah said, turning around.

    Right on cue, four Poochyena’s jumped from the tall grass ready to engage Sarah and the old man. “Uh-Oh, looks like you made someone mad earlier” The old man said, glancing all around him.
    “Stand back, I got this!” Sarah said, with Hera ready to go. “ohohohohho, you don’t think you’re the only trainer here do you miss?” the old man said, removing a poke ball of his own.

    “Alright, Go Crobat!” the man said, tossing his pokeball on the dirty, the paralyzing light let out a purple flying pokemon. “Whoa, I knew you were more than talk” Sarah smirked. “Hera, engage now Fury attack!”

    Heracross wasted little time in connecting with a powerful blow from the horn, the small pup’s body contorted as it was forcefully knocked back. As it regained its self, another one of its friends stepped up to battle.

    “Tough little creatures aren’t they” the old man said, disposing of his two with ease. “Crobat Air slash now!” he commanded, the bat pokemon flapped it’s wings sending a powerful gust of razor sharp slashes at the pup.

    “Alright now the last one” he said, pointing at the Poochyena Sarah had hit with a Fury Attack. “Wait…this one’s mine!” She said, removing a pokeball.
    “Pokeball go!” she screamed, the pokeball smacked Poochyena in the head; only to materializing it into light. The ball closed and shook three times before it stopped.
    “What happened?” Sarah asked, watching as the other Poochyena’s ran. “You caught it” the old man said, rubbing his bald head. “That little rascal was a pain…” she said, retrieving her new pokemon.

    “Odale town is still a little ways off, I’d be cautious about battling to many trainers and wild pokemon if I were you” the old man said, recalling his Crobat.
    “I’ll keep that in mind.” She said, returning Hera to her pokeball; continuing towards Odale town.
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