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    “Important? Not really, but then it kinda is at the same time...." The girl cocked her head and stared at here sketchbook intently. "I suppose it is. It was a present from my Aunt. First sketch book I ever sold anything from too.” The girl directed her eyesight directly at Wyatt. “So yeah, it is” she said with a contagious feeling that made Wyatt feel like he could take over the world

    “Home. Just a piece of home” she said distantly, almost as if her mind was literally at home. The girl looked up again and closed the book leisurely. “Anyway, what brought you to the beach? I hadn’t expected to meet so many” she said with a giggle. “Nor for it to be as action packed” she said as she eyed the boy who had been stranded upon the rock.

    Wyatt frowned and looked up towards the ocean, feeling as distant as Evie when she was thinking of home. His mind entered a state of reverie for a moment, thinking of having an adventure before the crisp breeze on the beach brought him back to reality. "I came here so I can become better at being a trainer. Not a stronger one but a better one" he said turning back to face her with a solemn look on his face. He felt so relieved that he had finally met someone who he might be able to call a friend. "Will you.." Wyatt started but he caught himself and didn't speak for a moment. He was going to ask her if she would be his friend but he felt so childish doing so. He changed the subject, still facing her but this time his face was glistening in high spirit. "What dorm are you in?" he asked half-anxiously. Maybe if they were both in Raikou Dorm they would see each other more.

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