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Yeah like, SR and Hail... you need a lot of support to make Sturdy the "superior" ability, whereas Mold Breaker works right off the bat.

As for the Thick Fat comment, yeah it's a little irrelevant given Sawk won't be using Ice Punch against them. :( However really, unless you want to dedicate the whole team to supporting Sawk keeping Sturdy in-tact (meaning you'll need something with Rain Dance or Sunny Day, as well, to prevent ~hail~), and a reliable spinner then things to counter those other mons etc, while Mold Breaker can take out those that are setting up SR anyway (because yes, some people do leave them in lol) and allow your other Pokemon to ~shine~ such as Scarfed Rotom-F, Swellow, Articuno... etc. As well as this, it can also hit Eelektross, the Pokemon that can avoid being hurt by SE anything, and can abuse its Ground-type weakness. Seems p good to me, without needing four other slots dedicated to making Sturdy the "superior" ability. ;(

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