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James “Jay” Rybak

After the battle, Emil flew onto my left shoulder to sing a sweet melody of delight. Nalafari smirked with his beak, and did a couple of loops in the air to presumably show off. Then, Nalafari perched atop my head like he was the king of the world. Samuel flew onto my right shoulder to cuddle my neck with his soft tuffs of feathers. Afterwards,Samuel flew to beside Leka to chirp to Leka as if he was congratulating Leka for the triumph of the battle against the Corpish.

“I’m Evie by the way. That the black ball of fur” Evie chuckled, and nodded towards Leka’s withdrawing back “is Leka.” A timid smile appeared on Evie’s face, “Thanks for the help guys, we make some team! Really sorry about the hurried departure though, figured the situation needed immediate action. Can we start over?”

"Sure,why not." Wyatt answered Evie’s question. "But first...," Wyatt returned Evie’s sketchbook to her with a grin. Wyatt gave me a welcoming smile before returning to talk to Evie.

As Evie and Wyatt talked to each other, I listened to the conversation with a want to speak up within myself. However, I do not want to be rude and interrupt their conversation. I waited patiently for a “hole” in the conversation to connect to the conversation. I wasn’t sure how to join the conversation, and I felt nervous and uneasy. I inhaled the air with the mixed scent of the ocean and theplains, and exhaled into the air to try to compose myself. I took a moment or two to try to form an idea within my head to formulate a plan of what to contribute to the discussion. Once I’ve caught the plan inside my thought process like catching a fish in a fisherman’s net, I looked towards Wyatt and Evie, just waiting for the right moment to speak.

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