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Emma - Attempt at Catching (Another) Sentret

This Sentret was... stupid. It went against its friends' warnings, and wanted a snack, even though it was clearly a badly-made trap. Its friends abandoned Sentret as it was hopelessly caught.

Level 4
Keen Eye
- Scratch
- Foresight
- Focus Energy
Marcus - Attempt at Catching a Pidgey

(I've said it before: Special moves need to be left up to the GMs, or worked out in private beforehand; it makes you look like a jerk if you won't consult a GM over having something special about the Pokémon they need to approve the capture of in the first place. Stick to level-appropriate moves unless otherwise directed, please; a level 2-6 Pidgey obviously isn't going to have Quick Attack, or I'd have made sure that Spheal got its butt kicked up and down the route by turning it into Aerial Ace or something. |D)

This one's a fighter! Sadly, indomitable spirit wasn't enough to overcome the lasting cold of Powder Snow, or the following Water Gun that only made the chill worse. Pidgey quickly found a new home in its Pokéball, but don't expect it to listen to you just yet, Marcus! The little bird's still got some rebellious attitude left in him!

Level 5
Keen Eye
- Tackle
- Sand-Attack
- Swagger

I will be moving my account to Songbird over the course of immediately. The signature will stay as is for posterity and reference.
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