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    Originally Posted by Rainy Garden of Fire View Post
    I've got a Pikachu Festival Pikachu here with me (from NecrumWarrior)...a PC Fukuoka Groudon & Kyogre (NecrumWarrior's too, it's Shiny!)...a Korean Year of the Dragon Bagon (another NecrumWarrior Pokemon)...that's it. In return, if you're interested, I'm gonna trade for...4 Pokemon, which would be...
    -UT Hasty ピカチュウ (Shiny Pikachu ♀) lv.50 (3/1/2012) OT さくら ID 03012
    -UT Modest ケルディオ (Keldeo) lv.15 (6/23/2012) OT しょこたん ID 06232
    -UT Timid サザンドラ (Hydreigon ♂) lv.70 (7/9/2011) OT カリータ ID 06171 (Wifi event)
    -UT Timid Pikachu lv.100 (5/11/2012) OT Fes ID 05112 [Singapore]
    Oh, wait, you don't have the new Team Rocket about if I'll trade mine to you? In return, I'd like...
    -UT Timid レックウザ (Rayquaza) lv.100 (2/10/2012) OT せんきょ ID 02102 w/life orb
    I already have those, sorry
    I haven't updated my list here lately
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