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Originally Posted by Checkers_Albino_Umbreon View Post
Welcome to the club! Can you help spread the love!
u should add the link of ur club in ur sig like me

Originally Posted by rainerman3 View Post
Partner Pokemon:Treecko
Pokemon Nickname: Trek
Reason for joining:Hoenn was the first region I ever explored in the pokemon world, so obviously it's my favorite! :D
Answer the current topic! Why is Treecko your favorite? It's my favorite because I love grass types and when I first saw him I loved him more than any of the other starter pokemon. He's also my 2-nd favorite pokemon. <3
welcome to the club.rainerman3!!
nice nickname xD

i'll name my mudkip Muddystars lol
pics :

all the jhoto pokemon except Spinda/ Pandir/ Pachiirsu