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    Evie Bellarost

    Evie listened intently to Wyatt as he explained his presence, tucking a stray strand of silver hair behind her ear as she did so, a small welcoming smile plastered across her rose petal, pink lips.

    "I came here so I can become better at being a trainer. Not a stronger one but a better one"

    At this Evie allowed her smile to grow, showing a flash of white teeth before she let out a chuckle. “I’m here to do the same!” she replied merrily. “Me and Leka are a good team but we still have much to learn. Though I am specialising in medicine and biology.”

    Here she shot a quick glance over to her Pokémon who was now sat, quietly in the company of Samuel, Jay’s Pidgy. He was growling softly, every now and then flicking his ears in conversation. It had been awhile since Evie had seen him this happy in other Pokémon’s company. Due to being on the ranch, bar driving season, it was usually just him and her, so she guessed it must be refreshing for him to have another fellow Pokémon to talk to. Looking back, she caught Wyatt just in time as he spoke again.

    "Will you.." Wyatt trailed off here, causing Evie to arch a quizzical eyebrow. Will I what? She thought, looking at Wyatt intently, trying to figure out the next half of the sentence. He seemed awkward saying it, until just as quickly as the shyness had appeared in her company, it was gone again. He began again, this time his facial expression turning to one filled with joy, so much so that Evie couldn't help but return it. Beaming once again, she happily answered his following question.

    "What dorm are you in?"

    Suddenly remembering that she had left her dorm jacket back in her room, she giggled. “I’m in Raikou Dorm. Just joined today too” she chirped happily, before she suddenly remembered her manners. She had been so caught up in conversation with Wyatt, that she had forgotten the others. Feeling rude, she blushed apologetically before pushing down her nerves and looking over to Jay and the rock boy, who had yet to introduce himself.

    “What about you guys?” she returned the question to Wyatt, but while doing so sent the two boys, who were stood in silence, an inviting smile. Jay seemed eager but had not spoken up, almost as if he was waiting for the right moment. Here’s your chance then Jay. She thought, smiling softly to herself. The boy almost seemed as shy as her.

    Leka grinned as Samuel flew over to him, letting out a welcoming, gruff bark. “they were some nice moves you’ve got there” He laughed, bowing his head in respect to his company. “been awhile since I have seen any battling action. But it was an honour to get a chance to fight alongside you” He let off a fox-ish grin here before continuing merrily. “How long have you been with your trainer? I mean you, Nalafari and Emil. You work so well together, couldn't have just come naturally right?” he asked out of deep curiosity, he’d never seen that many bird types, let alone seen them fight, that the experience had been completely new to him and that didn't happened every day.

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