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James Joules Garnet - Children's City

When the boy approached James kept completely quiet, his eyes fixed upon him the entire time.
"I know not of whoever this is." James informed Aria, moving his hands to his sides and standing his full height, eyeing the boy as if he were a criminal. When he heard the boy speak of killing him though, he broke into a mocking laughter. "Kill me? Are you daft? You make it sound like that would be easy!!" James shook his head in derision at the boy when he fused as if to fight Aria, seemingly annoyed by her waving him backward. "Don't tell me you actually think he /could/ kill me, Aria." James said with a disgruntled sigh. "I must say I'm rather offended by such notions. What am I, scotch mist?" Despite the seemingly inevitable fight, the tension died down somewhat and Aria began walking with the boy. Even after the situation diffused, James remained angry. He didn't like this boy taking him for granted. There was a dark black urge writhing within James that told him to jump the boy while he had the chance and slice his limbs off, but he fought it. Now was not the time to make a spectacle. The red-haired boy followed Aria and Makoto, pulling his hood up, covering his hair and casting a shadow over his eyes. He entered the door after Aria had kicked it in and had followed her to Spark, slipping into the corner of the room and remaining silent while Aria conversed with the paralyzed girl.
Upon hearing of Spark needing the cure for paralysis however, Andy piped up. "You need berries to heal you...? I don't have many, and I usually only use them for food... But I have a few in my bag. I'm sure I could part with them if I really had to." James didn't know whether he wanted to help this new girl. She had a funny air about her, and the fact that their was a deranged kid helping her out set off alarm bells in his brain. Aria seemed to trust her though, so he felt that maybe he could take the chance. Just this once.

- Beheaded Kamikaze; Serious Sam 3.
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