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I had to comment on this chapter before moving onto Naruto and One Piece this week...
Manga 520

I didn't even see that coming.
The first 2/3 of manga were relatively normal.
Kyoraku is promoted to Head-Captain & Captain of Squad 1.
Ichigo and Renji are all healed up and move onto the next floating city.
Kyoraku takes on two Lieutenants, a little bit surprising
And then....

I know it's been said that she's probably the best Captain in Zanjutsu, but dayum.
And Kubo revealed her apparent true name, Yachiru Unohana....
Well I guess we finally know who Zaraki named his Lieutenant after.

If Kubo is going to beef up Kenpachi Zaraki, then he needs to make Lieutenant Yachiru fight seriously too.
After say that to a friend, he showed me this comment on reddit...
"If kubo trolled us when he said we would see yachiru fighting in this arc and he meant only unohana Im going to lose my ****."
Which I totally agree with, but I'm hoping Kubo is playing a little different than normal with this arc.

Originally Posted by -Lapras-
Shunsui promotion.

MakiMaki getting my vote to take Shunsui's old place.
What are you talking about? Maki-Maki (Makizō Aramaki) is in Squad 11, not 8.