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Valorie Ryder - ??? (Joint Post)
Valorie took a moment to get her mind back into the battle before abruptly issuing a single command.

"Flygon, Fire Blast!" she called out in a confident tone. Flygon took a deep breath, flames licking at the edges of her maw, before lurching forward and launching a flaming fire projectile in the shape of... a star. Why did that move take that shape anyway? Regardless, the move was explosive and threatened to burn Commodore to a nice crisp--if it hit.

Sparks were already flying as the battle began. Right off the bat, Valorie had Flygon use Fire Blast, an extremely power Fire Type move... Commodore took the attack head on and took a fair amount of damage from it. He was good at tanking a couple strong hits thankfully, but now it was time to set up and change the field toward Mark's advantage.

"Good start Val! I wouldn't expect less! However... we're just starting. Commodore! Trick Room!" Mark called out. Commodore's eyes began to give off a white glow, as a large box materialized around them. The dimension around them had completely switched around. Commodore was suddenly much faster then Flygon thanks to this move, so he had some time to pull off another move.

"Commodore! Recover!" Mark called out. Commodore gave off a feint glow and suddenly, most of his wounds were healed. Almost good as new. With Trick Room up, Mark felt he had a good advantage now. Time to see how Valorie would counter...

And then Valorie started moving at insane speeds Flygon seemed unphased by the apparent lack of an effect to her attack. Valorie on the other hand frowned, a tad concerned for obvious reasons. You see, Flygon wasn't trained to be able to boost her power artificially. This was as strong as she got. She also had this feeling Commodore wouldn't fall for an attract... "...Alright Flygon, use Dragon Claw!" she called out, attempting to take advantage of Flygon's superior physical strength. The dragon pokemon took to the air, flying directly at Commodore. One of her claws began to glow with power, hinting at the blow that was to come, a powerful swipe

Commodore braced itself for the incoming attack. Another strong move... this Pokemon was packed with them. Valorie didn't disappoint. Commodore was hit by the attack. It was taking a bit of a beating but was hanging in there. Mark was still setting up... if he could get this all to work, Commodore would be one heck of a tank. Time for step two!

"Hm. Commodore! Reflect!" Mark called out. Commodore generated a physical barrier around itself, doubling its defenses. Commodore would be able to take a lot more hits now and get even with Flygon. Mark's eyes were sparking with confidence.

"I told you Val! I came prepared this time!" Mark said to her with a cheery expression.

Valorie grimaced. Was... Mark mocking her?! She didn't much appreciate the reminder. Regardless, there were bigger things to concentrate on. Namely, not /losing this battle/! So that was Mark's game, hmm? As a matter of fact, she /did/ know just what to do here! "Flygon, crunch!" she demanded. The dragon type pokemon once again launched itself forward in a violent manner, opening her mouth wide and snatching Commodore out of the air, biting down harshly and totally shaking the smaller pokemon around as if it were a chew toy. That being said, she was attempting to use her powerful jaws to /crack down/ on Commodore's heightened defenses... literally.

Drat. Crunch. Commodore's defenses certainly went down a bit, but his reflective barrier was still in effect thankfully. The last thing he needed was Brick Break. Hopefully Flygon didn't know that move or Commodore was as good as done! While Commodore was being chewed on by Flygon, it attempted to get a steady shot toward Flygon... time to go on the offensive!

"Commodore! Retaliate with Signal Beam!!" Mark called out. Commodore steadied his aim toward Flygon for a point blank shot to get out of Flygon's fangs. Mark would have gone for Conversion 2, but Mark needed to make sure of what moves Flygon had in store. Normal Typing was Mark's safest bet for now... talk about situational.

Valorie watched as Flygon let go, a signal beam pushing the large, heavy dragon off. Flygon landed on her feet and vibrated her wings at a high speed as if to help balance, hunching over in preparation for a retaliation. Unlike say Dragonite, Flygon was not an exceedingly bulky pokemon. The attack was not shrugged off, rather it left a noticeable bruise on her body. "...Flygon, don't let up! Crunch /again/!" Valorie called out decisively, and Flygon did just that, lunging back at Commodore with her admittedly crippled speed and once again gripping him in her jaws, trying to bite down into it. Ewww... dragon drool!

This was going to go on until Commodore was down for the count at this rate... Commodore was able to keep his defenses from going down this time thankfully, and reflect gave him plenty of bulk, even if Crunch was starting to tear it down.

"...Commodore! Recover!" Mark called out. Commodore was going to Tank his way through this battle, and so far it was working. Commodore was still being bitten by Flygon but attempted to recover its wounds once more. Commodore wasn't down for the count just yet. Mark smiled at Valorie.

"You've gotten a lot better since our battle at the beach, I can tell...guess I picked the right trainer to look up to." Mark complimented. Valorie was part of Mark's inspiration to get more advanced with Pokemon Battling... Mark was slowly starting to let her know that as they battled... both through words and combat.

Valorie quirked an eyebrow in a testy manner, declining to respond for a moment. Man, now wasn't a time for casual conversation! It was a time to battle! Your charms won't work on me, Mark! Contrary to what he said, the battle wasn't going as planned for her. She was suddenly intimately aware that she was not satisfied with Flygon's performance. She just wasn't making progress here! Crunch was taking far too long to pierce Commodore's defenses and if she gave up and went back to Fire Blast she would be effectively halting progress and starting over from square one, only worse! "...I'm not done /yet/." she said in a somewhat distracted manner. Her father was watching, and her mother... and a /boy/! She just /had/ to be impressive now! Disregarding the fact that, y'know, she /always/ felt that way about every battle.

"Flygon, Roost!" she called out, and the dragon pokemon abruptly changed directions, spitting Commodore out and landing--She stopped not long after, and proceeded to hunch over as if in anticipation of an attack. In her non-active state, she seemed to be redirected energy to healing herself. See, Mark? I can play that game too! Hmph!

Mark smirked. He could save the praise for later. He had the edge in this battle after all! He'd save this for after the battle. Flygon spat Commodore onto the ground and landed onto the ground to heal herself as well. Mark wasn't aware of the move himself... but it was similar to recover that's for sure, just for flying types possibly. Still... Flygon didn't seem as bulky as Commodore. Maybe he could still win this...!

"Commodore! Again! Signal Beam!" Mark shouted. If they were going to both keep healing, they'd just have to keep going until one of them couldn't do so anymore! Commodore still had a Lum berry... guess it wouldn't come to much use this battle... he thought anyways. Mark felt like he might actually win this time!

But... Mark was thinking... Valorie's parents were watching... the whole point of the battle was to show off how much she had improved! But... Mark seemed to have a bit of an advantage. He didn't know what would happen if he happened to win... and he knew Val tended to get pretty down when she lost. It wouldn't be much better with her parents watching... He wondered what they were thinking as they watched the battle...

Flygon was struck with a signal beam attack and hunkered down, becoming irritable. She then stumbled towards Commodore in an awkward manner. What was she doing? She seemed off-balance, and perhaps... dizzy? It only took Valorie a moment to realize that Flygon was confused. Problems, problems... What did she have left in her arsenal of moves? Her only real option was to go on the full offense and hope it worked out well for her. This was really a ... problem. "Flygon, Crunch!" she commanded, hoping that her strategy would pay off, even though she had earlier observed it really hadn't been competing with Commodore's reflect all that well. The dragon pokemon lunged and snapped her jaws around Commodore, biting down with her full force... and then something weird started to happen. Whatever Mark had done earlier was wearing off! Flygon wasn't moving sluggishly anymore! Valorie saw a chance for a combo. "...Now, Fire Blast!" she commanded out loud, and Flygon used her tactical advantage of having Commodore in her mouth to secure a solid hit on Commodore, likely blasting him out of her mouth in the process. Having a fire blast hit inside her mouth was painful for her too, however, and scorched her a bit.

Trick Room had worn off! Not good! Commodore had returned to normal speed! It caused Flygon to regain his speed and get yet another attack in! It didn't seem too necessary to use Trick Room again at this rate... Mark had to quit stalling and go all out! Thankfully Signal Beam was lucky enough to Confuse Flygon. However she was going through the confusion pretty well so far... Flygon managed to use Crunch and Fire Blast all at once now that Trick Room had worn off... To make matter worse, Commodore wasn't looking too good. That Fire Blast had inflicted him with a Burn... at least, this would be a problem if Commodore wasn't prepared. Commodore was holding a Lum Berry.

Being artificial, Commodore didn't exactly eat the berry, but rather absorbed its nutrients, still gaining the same effect and quickly curing his Burn. Time to keep fighting on... Commodore took a heavy hit from those last two attacks... but maybe Flygons Confusion would work to his advantage.

"Commodore, Once more! Signal Beam!" Mark called out. Commodore floated up into the air and aimed its Signal Beam toward Flygon once more.

Flygon narrowed her eyes as she took the blast, a low groan escaping her mouth. She hadn't gone down. Valorie was starting to sense that now would be a good time to stop trying to break Commodore's defenses and just hit them as hard as she could. "Alright Flygon! Dragon Claw! Finish it!" she commanded. The dragon pokemon's claws began to glow with draconic energy and Flygon lunged at Commodore... only to promptly faceplant into the dirt in a painful looking manner as if she had been excessively dizzy. Well... That was a problem.

Commodore braced itself for the incoming attack. This Dragon Claw was sure to get him good, or possibly finish him off. He doubted Recover would be able to keep up with Dragon Claw. Was this it? Fortunately, Flygon stumbled and completely missed Commodore, face-planting the ground. It was Mark's lucky day... Time to get Flygon while she's down!

"Signal Beam!" Mark called out. Commodore floated back a distance and fired yet another attack toward Flygon. Unfortunately this was the only attack Mark could get away with using since Discharge wouldn't be effective at all. A shame seeing how powerful Discharge could be...

Flygon sort of spasmed a bit as she was hit with another signal beam attack before... fainting. She did not even start to get up. Valorie stared, slightly in disbelief and partially in disgust. She pursed her lips, an expression of embarrassed and anger crossing her face. This was... /ridiculous/! How could she lose... to /Mark/! She could barely handle standing in /Selene's/ shadow, and she was actually /trying/ to do that! No... No she refused to stand there and deal with this. This was /humiliating/! A part of her really didn't want her parents to see her this way. Another part of her absolutely did /not/ want to hear what any of them had to say. She didn't even care what it was! She didn't want to hear it! To that end she promptly used Dragonite to fly away, allowing herself to be scooped up before the gargantuan pokemon took off. Dragonite glanced briefly back at Mark in a not overly thrilled manner before she took off, quickly gaining an extreme burst of speed that would've prevented anyone from following her even if they tried. Huh... extreme speed. Valorie's father narrowed his eyes in a thoughtful manner, and her mother just sort of looked helpless as this went on.

Kiyoko? Well, he was coming with Valorie.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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