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First off, let me say that it is an honor to have one of the old PC legends comment in my gallery. I'm really glad you did that. <3;

And I see. Most of the stuff you've said is completely true. The "if i could.." tag was a forced tag and I didn't really like it all that much. Once I slapped some random c4ds and messed with the colors a bit, I went "eh, leave it. I can't bother with this anymore". It was a request, though, so I HAD to make the tag somehow. :c As for the Gintoki tag, I found out the fact that the hair was over-sharpened after uploading it on PC as my signature. For some reason, Photoshop tends to show images in a different manner in PSDs as compared to the final output. When I was working on the PSD, it didn't seem like there was any problem with the blurring-sharpening so I just saved it. But then it turned out like it did. :[ Anyway, I could've gone ahead and changed it a bit later on but, being the lazy b-tard that I am, I didn't. lol

And yeah, I do plan on playing around with different styles a bit. :D Glad to hear you like the Santoryu tag, too! <3;


Update time!

Pretty much my fave icon. I don't think I've made better ones. <3;

^ I fiddled around with the colors a bit more in the second one. :p
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